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About eight days ago I wrote about the gorgeous handbag I found at Catwalk Collections, and I was about to go mad when it seemed to never ship from the UK. I even e-mailed Royal Mail to ask what the holdup was, and got a reply starting with "Dear Ms Beard". Ms Beard? Who's Ms Beard? And when on Earth have I ever referred to myself as Ms Beard? Oh well, I guess it's just one of those "mysteries of life" or whatever. Ms Beard. *scoffs*

Catwalk Collection Handbags Ltd: LouisaWell, after three days or so I got the bright idea to run the tracking number on our Norwegian postal site instead, and there is was! Apparently Royal Mail's own tracking didn't work while still in the UK. I followed the package as it went from Posten, to customs, through customs, back to Posten, the terminal in Oslo, and finally arrived in Trondheim this morning. I was thrilled, not that I needed the bag right now or anything, but I was anxious to see if whether or not it was actually a good purchase, or if I should have passed on it instead. I was in doubt about the size since I didn't want a humongous handbag, but it looked so nice on the website and the measurements seemed OK. Today I'm very happy to announce that it's perfect. Absolutely perfect. It's a little big yes, but still not too big - and it seems to have room for everything I might need to carry around with me, and then some. So with the "Louisa" I think I might have finally found the handbag with a capital H, and I'm really pleased with my purchase - and thank you Øyvind for making it possible.

I guess it's safe to say that Ms Beard is having a good day then.

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Posted by Shamini on April 17, 2010 – 5:41 PM

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  1. Den er så fin den veska! Jeg er bare litt misunnelig… Godt å høre at den har kommet seg trygt til hjemmet sittWink

  2. cherryblossom: Tusen takk! Grin Jeg er virkelig superfornøyd med den, og jeg likte den enda bedre når jeg fikk sett den på ordentlig. Den er trygt hjemme, og her skal vi bli gamle sammen! Wink

  3. Hehe,godt å høreSmile Jeg er en skikkelig veske jente! Kan aldri få for mangeGrin

  4. cherryblossom: Jeg må nok innrømme at jeg er litt der selv, men jeg har liksom aldri funnet en som er skikkelig, skikkelig perfekt i mine øyne – og disse designerveskene er virkelig ikke min greie. Regner med at det blir en veske til eller to når vi er i Paris, noe annet ville være merkelig. Wink

  5. oh, it looks beautiful! but what the hell, ms beard? haha. funny. XD

  6. kuraikyo: Tell me about it, I have absolutely no clue to where “Ms Beard” came from. And thank you. Smile

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