Popcorn Indiana® Gourmet Kettlecorn Cinnamon Sugar

Popcorn Indiana®Mr. UPS woke me up before 9:00 AM by sending an SMS telling me that my shipment from Popcorn Indiana® had arrived in Trondheim and was ready for delivery. I texted him back instantly, told him to come some time after 1:00 PM, and a little before 2:00 PM he rang the doorbell. The box he left me was HUGE, I mean.. I was expecting popcorn, and I consider popcorn to be small and light. Well, the box was huge. When I opened it I found five, and once again HUGE compared to what I'm used to, bags of Popcorn Indiana® Gourmet Kettlecorn Cinnamon Sugar of 283 grams each! That's almost 1.5 kilos of popcorn, and we all know that popcorn doesn't really weigh anything. That's truly a lot of popcorn! My initial thought was to start my day with a solid popcorn "breakfast", but on a second thought I decided to wait until tonight - I'm gonna pull out a good movie, maybe "Moulin Rogue", sit down and really enjoy my goodies!

I'm so proud to say that I'm the very first person in Norway with a bag of Popcorn Indiana® Gourmet Kettlecorn Cinnamon Sugar between my hands, and it's so cool to have a product that hasn't even been released in the country yet, before anyone else. I'd like to find out where they sell Popcorn Indiana® in Norway, so if anyone out there has seen this brand, please leave me a comments.

Popcorn Indiana® Gourmet Kettlecorn Cinnamon Sugar

Popcorn Indiana® Gourmet Kettlecorn Cinnamon Sugar

Understand what I mean? I just died and went to (popcorn) heaven! Thank you so much Popcorn Indiana®, for shipping your product all the way to Norway - I'm forever grateful, and I can't wait to dig in! Thank you a million times. Grin

Logo courtesy of Popcorn Indiana®
Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '10

Posted by Shamini on April 15, 2010 – 3:43 PM

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  1. Oioioi, den så skikkelig god ut! Etter jeg så din anbefaling på en tidligere post her, gikk jeg rett på Meny og kjøpte meg en pose med aged white cheddar, og du har rett. Den smaker fantastisk godt. Men ja, poenget mitt er altså at jeg har funnet dette merket på flere Meny butikker i området! (jeg bor i Porsgrunn) Smile

  2. hua.. guuu vad snuskigt… Razz kanelpopcorn? allvarligt?
    Ja du är ju norsk..Wink

  3. Nomnomnom! Nesten så jeg lukter popcornet hit.
    Åh… Det var jo posen med micropop fra i går xD

  4. UyenNhii: Porsgrunn sier du? Så langt unna. Jeg må se om jeg finner en Meny i nærheten her, sånn at jeg kan kjøpe meg et lite lager. Hvis ikke får jeg blunke litt ekstra med mine store brune øyne, og få Ultra til å bestille inn til meg! Kjempeglad for å høre at du likte AWC. Grin

    Linda: Vi så “Moulin Rouge” inatt og åpna den første posen med Cinnamon Sugar. DRITGODT! Det er jo ingen som sier at popcorn må være salt, og dette var sprøtt, litt knasende og med en smak av kanel. Fantastisk godt!

    Linda: Skuffende nok lukta det omtrent ingenting, men nomnomnom har du sannelig rett i. Wink

  5. wow thats alot!! over 1kg popcorn!? ohmygod XD you are so lucky!! Grin

  6. Looks really yummy. Do they actually ship it to Norway? *tempted* I am craving caramel popcorn, but unfortunately you can’t get it at cinemas in Oslo.

  7. Fieran: It is! Absolutely magical. And no, they don’t ship internationally, but as UyenNhii mentions you might be able to find the brand at Meny or possibly selected Ultra grocery stores.

    Caramel popcorn! Mmm… have you tried that Kernel Season’s popcorn seasoning they sell at most cinemas? It might be worth a try. Smile

  8. Hm, Ultra or Meny? Hmm, I’ll check it out. I’ve seen Kettle chips, but not popcorn. *looks at tummy* but I don’t really need more calories Frown

    I’ve tried the seasoning at the cinemas, but its just not the same Frown

    Hehehe, don’t you just hate it how sometimes you want’ something so badly but you just cannot have it?

  9. Fieran: I never thought popcorn in a bag would taste so good, but I’m hooked. Good thing I got almost 1,5 kilo, it’ll take me some time to finish, giving me some time to find a store close by who’s selling it! I don’t have the numbers here, but popcorn’s supposed to be healthy..

    Oh yes, I hate it when I have a craving I just can’t fulfill. I don’t know with you, but with me that will only make me crave it even more. Smile

  10. How did you order it? I went to their website and they don’t even list it as being available.

  11. Jeff: I didn’t order it, Popcorn Indiana® is unfortunately not offering international shipping. Smile

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