“And stars may collide..”

My mood has been changing by the minute lately. It ranges from being excited about the Paris trip, to being irritated because the mail is taking way too long to reach me, to being tired of just about everything. I haven't been bothered with too much pain lately, and I'm thankful for every day I have without severe pain in my neck or the following headaches. Due to a volcanic eruption on Iceland it's supposed to rain ashes tomorrow. Kind of cool, but a little depressing as I'd feel so much better with a little sun instead. At least I know Mr. UPS will come see me tomorrow bearing gifts, but I truly hope Mr. Postman will see fit to stop by as well. God knows I'm waiting. And waiting a little more.

About a month ago I ordered some stuff from Anastasia Beverly Hills, influenced by someone on YouTube of course, and I couldn't understand why it never arrived. I kept checking the tracking, and suddenly I noticed that it had a new message: "package is in customs clearance and is temporarily in storage". So I called them yesterday, and it turned out that it had been in storage since April 6th because of a missing proforma invoice. "Haven't you been notified?" was the surprised reply in the other end of the phone, and no.. I haven't heard squat from them. I immediately e-mailed them a copy of my receipt, and now I'm hoping customs will finally ship the package my way.

Cielo ChocolateØyvind always does his best to cheer me up when I'm feeling a little under the weather though, and it helps a lot. Today he surprised me with a heart-shaped cellophane box of chocolates from Cielo - I don't really like chocolate that much, but most of the pieces from Cielo are irresistible to me, along with their homemade Italian ice cream! A total winner. He also brought me a travel guide book about Paris (with lots of addresses of places to shop, restaurants, attractions and maps), and the movie "Max Payne" - mmm, Mark Wahlberg - on Blu-ray.

Thank you so much, sweetheart - I love you.

The other day when we were flipping through the TV channels as usual, we suddenly found some sort of traveling program about Paris. When it was finished we had a few more destinations added to our map, so that was kinda cool. Today we watched an episode of Globetrekker about Paris, and I found it quite interesting. It was mainly about the history of Paris, but we picked up a few tips here and there. We both want to see some of the fantastic architecture, like Arc de Triomphe and La Tour Eiffel, and we'll have to try to get a glimpse of the famous "Mona Lisa" while we're there. Most of these old buildings, like Musée de l'Armée and Cathédral Notre Dame de Paris, have limited access to disabled people anyway, and I would like to use my electric wheelchair as much as possible. One of the things added to our map is Le Moulin Rouge! We are definitely catching a show while we're there, and I don't care if that means that Øyvind will have to keep his eyes closed most of the time to avoid seeing breasts, we're going. No, I'm just kidding, I don't care about that, he can watch also. Le Moulin Rouge is an absolute must! I actually watched the movie twice in one night, ante meridiem, that's how much I love it.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

Posted by Shamini on April 15, 2010 – 2:07 AM

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  1. Mm… chocolate! Looks delicious, btw. Smile

  2. Jeg fikk nappet øyenbryna mine av en dame som hadde gått i lære hos selveste Anastasia (hvis det er samme greia, jeg vet jo ikke hva du bestilte?) Heldig eller? haha..

  3. Licota: oh, it is delicious! You’ll have to try sometime. Smile

    Ingrid: det er sikkert samme dama, hun er jo sånn brynekspert. Skulle gjerne fått bryna nappet hos henne, jeg! Og dine er jo flotte. Jeg kjøpte et av “brow kit”-ene hennes og voksen, som man ifølge reviews må være rakettforsker for å få til å funke. Jeg mistenker brukerfeil, men vi får se når tollen slutter å knuge på pakka?

  4. Åh, så fint gjort av kjæresten din Smile Cielo sin Kinder suprise er et must om sommern<3

  5. Moulin Rouge er min absolutte favorittfilm, og jeg kunne selvsagt ikke la være å se et show der da jeg var i Paris.
    Det er virkelig verdt pengene!
    God tur Smile

  6. Devilcat: Ja, han er en snilling, han der. Wink Cielo Kinder Surprise er nammis, men jeg er litt usikker på om jeg har den på min personlige topp 3. Ifjor ble det veldig mye halvt-om-halvt med Cookies and Cream og Dark Chocolate – en himmelsk blanding, og jeg liker ikke engang sjokoladeis!

    Tina Marie: Tusen hjertelig takk, vi gleder oss masse begge to! Smile

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