Sleek MakeUP i-Divine: Bohemian

About two or three weeks ago I ordered the latest LE palette from Sleek MakeUP called "Bohemian". This was my very first order with Sleek MakeUP as they just recently opened up for international shipping from UK, making it a lot easier for us in other countries to get our hands on their products. I placed my order on March 19th, it was shipped on the 23rd, and arrived on the 31st. Not bad at all, but for some reason the seven working days seemed a lot longer than usual.

When I opened the package I discovered that one of the shades had been smashed during transport, and I was really disappointed. You know, when you wait for something to arrive - all anxious and everything - it's really annoying when it arrives damaged, or broken. I e-mailed customer service, told them about the damage and enclosed a picture of the mess. Luckily they offered to replace the palette for me, so today Mr. Postman came knocking with my brand new Bohemian palette!

"Bohemian" looks a little bit different from the other familiar black Sleek MakeUP i-Divine palettes, mainly because it's white. The actual plastic seems a little different as well, but I'm not sure if I like the change or not. The other palettes all come in a transparent plastic sleeve, while Bohemian has a more fancy-looking cardboard sleeve decorated with some nice artwork. The actual eye shadows are mainly mattes, apart from three metallic shadows.

Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Palette: BohemianSleek MakeUP i-Divine Palette in Bohemian

I don't own the previous matte palette "Chaos", but from the swatches I've seen it looks very chalky and unappealing. The same thing applies for "Acid", but the colors are awesome and unusual enough to be appealing to me anyway. I've decided not to do any swatches, as it's too much hassle for me, but OxfordJasmine has posted swatches of her "Bohemian" palette for you to see here. Judging from the pictures the matte eye shadows in "Bohemian" looks somewhat smoother, or less chalky than both "Acid" and "Chaos", making me wonder if maybe Sleek MakeUP have altered their formula of matte shadows since their last matte palette?

I'm still waiting for my prize from the contest on Facebook, but I'm guessing it's right around the corner. I'll keep you posted, and I expect I'll be posting a look with this palette soon. Stay tuned for more!

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

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Posted by Shamini on April 10, 2010 – 7:14 PM

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  1. ååååh vad långsamma.. Grin

  2. Ja, jeg vet. Jeg skjønner ikke hvorfor det tar så sinnssykt lang tid – jeg rakk jo bestille, motta, be om erstatning og motta erstatningen ETTER at premien angivelig ble sendt fra dem.

  3. Dom har säkert inte så bråttom att skicka ut gratissaker.. Frown Hoppas bara dom faktiskt ger dig dina vinster!!!!

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