Sleek MakeUP i-Divine: Jewels

I wasn't actually planning on getting this LE palette, since I didn't think it was all that special when I first discovered it. When I later saw some swatches I was sold, and knew that I had to have it if I could ever find it. By accident I found it available from one of my eBay sellers, so I decided to jump at it and today it arrived in my mail box. I'm so glad every time I find a seller that understands what packing means, because the palette was securely wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap, in addition to being secured inside of the box with a couple of pieces of cardboard, to avoid any banging around during transportation. Purrfect, and much appreciated indeed - my palette arrived in one piece, all safe and sound.

This palette consists of a metallic shades, except the matte black that comes in all the palettes. I don't know about you, but I kinda like that there's always a matte black available even though that one space might have been used for an extra color. As said before I love the price of these palettes - a mere £5 for ten colors, and seeing that I'll take metallic shades over glittery crap any day, I'm more than happy with it - as well as the other Sleek i-Divine palettes that I own. The palette itself comes with a large mirror that covers the entire inside of the lid, which is another plus, but I wish it would have come with a brush instead of the useless sponge applicator.

Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Palette: JewelsSleek MakeUP i-Divine Palette in Jewels

Unfortunately I ordered this palette on eBay before I entered the competition on Facebook where I won the complete set of palettes from Sleek MakeUP, so when the prize arrives I'll have duplicates of almost every palette. Therefore I've decided to offer some of them up for sale here, so hang tight if you're interested in getting your paws on some of these treasures. The palettes offered are naturally brand new, in their original packaging.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

Posted by Shamini on March 26, 2010 – 3:40 PM

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  1. Du får følge med her da, jeg bestemmer ikke hvilke og hvor mange før jeg har fått premien fra Sleek MakeUP i posten – sånn ifall det er noe som ikke overlever turen fra UK. Smile

  2. Jeg følger også med. Smile

  3. Jag är intresserad.. Grin

  4. Jasså du! Gratulerer med premievinning, jeg glemte hele greia jeg da..

  5. Ingrid: Tusen takk, men du gratulerte meg jo på Facebook, gjorde du ikke? Grin Det er ny sjanse den 4. april, såvidt jeg kunne skjønne – og den skulle visst være både større og bedre. Smile

  6. Hi!!

    which ebay user did you buy your sleek palettes from? If you could email me the link or name that would be great!! Smile


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