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The Eiffel TowerFor the first time in a very long while I'm actually part of planning a holiday for the summer! I wasn't going to say anything about it yet, since I firmly believe that it's very possible to jinx good things by talking about them as they are going to happen before they actually have happened. Unfortunately I'm looking so much forward to spilling my beans that I'm unable to keep my mouth shut for much longer, so here goes: we have decided to go on a road-trip to Paris, France!

You read correctly, we're going on a road-trip. A road-trip meaning that we're not flying, we're driving. Driving! I'm so excited. Driving from destination A to destination B usually means having a car, and due to my situation I can't sit up straight in a car seat. I have to lay in the front seat which means that I'm unable to see anything. Boring, huh? Not very comfortable either. Well.. not this time!

Everything started with my search for someone with a rental car suitable for the disabled. Not an easy task. We found a very nice man with a private rental service, but we wanted to look around a little more. Suddenly a freaky idea surfaced, what if we were to buy ourselves a car? Not a new one of course, that would be way too expensive, but a used car? After a while - who am I kidding, it was only a few hours - we found a car dealership offering a small selection of used cars which had already been rebuilt to take wheelchairs. Purrfect! A few phone calls and some information later we decided to have a closer look at a Chrysler Grand Voyager, and my "future father-in-law" was kind enough to help us out by taking an initial look at the car in question. This was.. Thursday. We received two thumbs up, and after discussing the matter a little back and forth we decided to go ahead and buy the car. Øyvind booked a plane ticket, and the next day he went down Skien to sign the papers and collect the car. It's the longest day I've experienced in quite a while, I tell you. Getting up at 06:30 AM and being forced to stay awake until 02:30 AM or so took its toll on me, and I've been quite exhausted the last two days. The next thing on the agenda now is to get a ramp and restraints installed, so I can actually use the car. This is in the hands of NAV (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) once again, but I'm hoping it'll be a piece of cake since the car is already rebuilt and ready for installment. Again, please keep your fingers crossed! It's not more than three and a half months, give or take, until the planned trip to Paris, so I'm hoping there won't be any delays anywhere. I really don't want this trip to be in jeopardy!

I have absolutely no doubt that this summer will be fantastic, and I can't really wait for July to arrive. Or, maybe not just yet. I want to enjoy spring first, and then the early summer, and then July may come with all its excitement. So far I've made no plans really. I want to see the Eiffel Tower (and I've double checked that it's available to me with the wheelchair and all, both 1st and 2nd floors are accessible - that's a 115 meters above ground), Champs-Elysées (of course I'm going shopping at the enormous Sephora they have there, M·A·C and MUFE - anything else is out of the question!), we have to see Versailles and Notre-Dame de Paris, and of course I'm visiting Amira!

Oh, I can almost feel the contentment of sitting outside a small, romantic café, eating French pastry with a cup of coffee on the side, just enjoying life. Later that evening we'll be dining at a fancy French restaurant, ordering frog legs and snails while sipping from a glass of fairly expensive wine. How am I, the most impatient being in the Universe, supposed to wait for July?

Photo courtesy of Philip Greenspun

Posted by Shamini on March 22, 2010 – 1:15 AM

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  1. Congrats, hon! Grin

    So, how about a roadtrip that drops by Bergen on the way? Wink

  2. Ørjan: Thank you so much! I’m really, really looking forward to this. A road trip to Bergen is not impossible, we have been talking about it – I haven’t been back there since I was a little girl, being born there and all. And we both have friends there who’d surely like a visit. Smile

  3. Hey, thats sound very funny and exiting.
    Hope all works oaut with NAV and that you will have the dream trip to Paris.

    Spring is here , yay!


  4. M: Thank you so much! From today’s e-mailing back and forth it seems like it’s going to work out just fine within the next month or so. And spring is indeed here! Grin

  5. Wowww, congrats! I noticed that you guys were getting a new car, which is fantastic on its own – but a road trip to friggin’ PARIS??? Maaaan, you are SO lucky! I’ll cross everything that’s possible to cross for NAV to get their wheels in motion, pun intended! Grin

  6. Oooh, sounds great! All of it! But I…

    Furute father-in-law? Do I smell something? Wink

  7. Maria: Thank you sweetie! We’re cheating a little, because we’re planning to take the ferry to Kiel, and drive from there through Belgium or something – the route is not decided yet. I know, I’m floating around on a pink cloud nowadays, just smiling and blabbering with myself! Grin Thank you, thank you, thank you, I really appreciate it.

    Licota: But you what? I’m absolutely positive it’ll be the greatest thing ever, and I’m so happy about it! One has to have plans, right? Wink I have though of you as my future sister-in-law for a long time, you know!

  8. “But I wonder what about Theo” – yes, forgot to finish that one, sorry.


  9. Yay! Grattis Grin
    Vi har også en Crysler. Men det er en stratus. (Stratos Razz)

  10. Oh yey!!! So happy for you! Amazing plans! Smile
    Brilliant idea to purchase the car! I have driven to France – when moving to Spain, and it’s a great road trip Wink

  11. Kari: Ahaaa! Now that made a little more sense. Wink

    Linda: Tusen takk! Jeg har ønsket meg en Chrysler i mange år, men når man skal søke om trygdebil blir man jo påtvunget visse merker, og for min del er det VW Caravelle og Mercedes Vito – to biler jeg helst ikke vil ha..

    Michelle: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so glad to hear, I think you’re the first one I’ve spoken to who’s actually taken the trip. I’m totally stoked, so I feel sorry for all of you who have to listen to me blabbering about France for the next 3.5 months! Grin

  12. Yay!!

    I’m leaving the “eating frogs legs” part to you both though.

  13. Amira: I second that, YAY! You do now, do you? I’m not so sure that we’ll be eating any of the “delicacies” listed, or at least not I, but you never know.

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