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If you're a complete and total M·A·C addict like me, you always make sure that you're updated on what's coming and exactly what products you just have to have from all the different upcoming collections. Unfortunately I'm a bit too "stingy" to buy my M·A·C in Norway - our prices being outrageous, as well as the ridiculously high shipping rate - so I usually end up ordering everything from the US either via forums, custom purchase or directly from M·A·C (via MyUS of course). Because of the freight time, the shipping cost, customs and taxes I always build up my storage a little before having everything shipped to me, and everytime Mr. DHL comes knocking I'm having a little birthday-and-Christmas-all-in-one by myself. My next rendezvous with Mr. DHL will be later this month, and I'm really looking forward to receiving another exciting shipment from MyUS. This time I know I'll be making someone else happy as well, and nothing's better than that.

Now I'm going to share my two cents on the currently available collections from M·A·C, namely Spring Colour Forecast, Too Fabulous and Give Me Liberty of London.

On February 11th Spring Colour Forecast was launched. To me it was more like 4 similar collections baked into one large, consisting of 4 colors, or themes, and it contained a lot of items. It would be insane to get everything, but naturally some items caught my eye more than others. Unfortunately I was completely broke when this collection launched, so I was unable to grab all of the items on my wishlist. When I later had some fun-money available I managed to order a few things, and later on I discovered that I desperately needed a Blush Ombre Ripe Peach in my life. This product must be well on its way to become one of M·A·C's most sought-after item of all times! It's sold out everywhere, and I see people asking around on different forums to find one almost every day. Naturally you can get yours on eBay, but the prices are insane! I'm certainly not paying from $40 and up to $120 for a blush, no matter how much I might want it. I also got a tip about Blush Ombre Azalea Blossom for my skin tone, so that naturally went straight on my wish list - together with the two last Blush Ombres Vintage Grape (also sold out) and Springshine.

Anyway, I stick to the eyeshadows for the most since that's my favorite product. I'm not afraid to admit that I mainly use eye products when it comes to makeup, and I'm a such a color junkie! In Spring Colour Forecast only two of the four parts came with eyeshadows, being Spring Colour Forecast 1 and 2. I skipped one eyeshadow in each of these (Da Bling (veluxe pearl) and Nanogold (lustre)) because one is permanent and the other one is a repromote from an earlier collection, and I already own them both.

  • LaLa LE (frost)
  • Rosy Outlook LE (satin)
  • Very Violet LE (frost)
  • Hot Hot Hot LE (satin)
  • Perky LE (frost)
  • Straw Harvest LE (veluxe pearl)

I also had to have the quad called Colour 4, consisting of some absolutely gorgeous golden bronze-coppery colors called Manila Paper (veluxe pearl), Flip (frost), Aztec Brick (veluxe pearl) and Creole Beauty (frost). It was completely irresistible to me! Apart from these items I wanted to get my hands on the Bubblegum (glaze) lipstick and the complimenting lipglass Lavender Wind (frost), but since I'm obviously not the only woman drawn to purples and lilacs it turned out to be an impossible task. Oh well, one can't have all that one desires - although it would indeed have been nice. Instead I ended up with a lipstick called Colour Me Coral (frost) and the complimenting lipglass Kumquat (frost). I'm generally not very keen on frost finish on lip products, so I might change my mind when it arrives which means that it'll be up for grabs.

On March 4th Too Fabulous was launched as a small and rather anonymous collection. At least it was to me. It consisted of Cremesheen Glass, Lip Pencils and Mineralized Blush Duos, and nothing else. This was another collection that didn't really catch my eye until a week after the launch. To be honest I know myself enough to feel like it's bit of a waste of money to splurge on lipglass, because it's a product that will go rancid in time, and I don't use my lip products often enough to justify purchasing a lot of them. The Mineralized Blush Duos didn't interest me much either, but the Lip Pencils! Oh my, now that's another story. They are gorgeous! All of them are limited edition, and I fell instantly in love with almost all of them. Naked is a an absolute must-have, as well as In Synch, but knowing myself I'll get them all if possible.

On March 11th Give Me Liberty of London was the next interesting collection to be launched. At first I didn't like it at all, mainly because I didn't like the packaging, but somehow it grew on me. Now, I'm not really hung up on packaging in the first place since I depot most of my eyeshadows anyway, so I tend to skip everything permanent (and get it with regular packaging instead) when the craze of a new collection is ongoing. I purchase my stuff for the actual product, and not the exterior.

  • Give Me Liberty of London LE (matte)
  • Dame's Desire LE (frost)
  • Birds & Berries LE (veluxe pearl)
  • Bough Grey LE (satin)

In this collection I skipped one of the eyeshadows (Free to Be (matte)) that was launched not so long ago, and is now a permanent one. It's also available as a refill, so I'd rather buy the refill than having to depot an extra shadow when it's really not necessary. I also decided to pick up the lipstick in Blooming Lovely (amplified) and the complimenting tinted lipglass in English Accents. The rest of the products didn't really tickle my curiosity enough to justify getting anything else.

My final words will have to be that I personally think M·A·C's promo pictures have to take a lot of the blame for why so many of the products seem irresistible, at least to me. Some of them are literally mouthwatering, and I end up with the thought of wanting to recreate something just as beautiful on myself - even though I'm well aware that it's impossible to mimic a porcelain beauty when I have a skin tone best described as a Caffè Latte. I'm still a huge fan of M·A·C Cosmetics, and I'll surely continue to expand my collection whenever I have to chance.

You know what they say, It's never enough! Grin

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Posted by Shamini on March 15, 2010 – 12:17 AM

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  1. My, that’s a great haul! I don’t know how you manage to wait so long. Usually when I shop, I’m disappointed when it’s not in the mail the day after! I’ve considered MyUS. Is it actually cheaper than paying, say, $19 for an eyeshadow pot including shipping, and not be forced to pay taxes? Anyway – happy waiting Smile

  2. Hi, could i have the pleasure of seeing your MAC palettes?
    I am about to built my self a palette, and i can agree with caffe latte is a difficult colour to something about, even moe difficult cos i feel like am a stronger caffe latte, maybe more like a lighr mocha Razz
    ok, enough coffee talk Grin
    I just need some inspiration, and see what colour could fit a “brown” girl.

    Have a nice day Smile

  3. Gærning. Jeg må si at sminkegalskapen har roa seg ned litt her hos meg… jeg var ute og titta etter alice in wonderland istad, fortsatt ingenting, men UD har kommet ut med nye compact creme to poder foundations…og et setting powder som ligner på MUFE setting powder… De har også nye E/S some heter Stardust, de er fine i fargene men sykt shimmery. Så det så. Jeg skal ut og skaffe meg Bohemian paletten fra Sleek så fort jeg får mulighet. Kan fikse til deg også hvis du spør pent. haha.

  4. Gratulerer med det du nettopp twitra til meg!

  5. Pinch:
    To be honest I don’t, but knowing that it’ll cost me a lot of extra money to have my splurges shipped to Norway each time I make one.. restrains me a little. I’m born with no patience whatsoever, but you could look at it as an exercise? Maybe I’ll gain a few patience points extra each time. If it’s cheaper to use MyUS? I’m not sure. If you shop your M·A·C in Norway you still have to pay taxes, only difference is that you don’t notice it since they’re baked into the total price, instead of added upon checkout/arrival/import. And personally I think the Norwegian, or rather Scandinavian, prices are too high to justify buying it locally, unless it’s an item you just can’t get from the US (usually quickly sold out LE items). I use (and adore) MyUS because I can order from shops which aren’t open to international customers, and also have everything shipped together instead of paying a shitload in multiple shipping sessions. It’s certainly not worth it if you’re planning on only buying one or two items.

    Of course you can! I’ve sent you an e-mail with the password. I have a lot of favorite colors, so feel free to ask me anytime if you need some advice. My personal favorites are purples/lilacs, greens and browns – these colors compliments my dark brown eyes very well.

    Jeg tror min er på tur til å avta, den er iallfall betraktelig mindre enn den var. Jeg har ikke handla stæsj på eBay på kjempelenge (bortsett fra de tre Sleek-palettene), og det er et godt tegn i min bok. Siden vi ikke vant noe som helst i Sleek-konkurransen, så spør jeg så pent jeg bare kan: kjære søte Ingrid, kan du være så snill å kjøpe en Bohemian palett til meg også? *blunke med bambi-øynene* Grin Nei, men seriøst – om nå Sleek blir tilgjengelig igjen (tror all trafikken idag knakk serveren) kan jeg jo alltids bestille den selv. Og tusen, tusen, TUSEN takk! Det kommer et innlegg om det etterhvert, jeg må bare samle tankene mine – jeg tror de to hjernecellene mine døde av overdreven lykke og opphisselse.

  6. Hei!
    Ble litt freaket ut da jeg leste mac cosmetics.com + myUS = shippet til Norge, må jo være noe av det mest geniale jeg har hørt på lenge..
    ser ut til at den er til stole på.. men vet ikke helt hvordan jeg skal ta meg frem.. hvilket av de 3 (standard, premium, eller den siste) bruker du? eller hva vil du anbefale en som ikke kommer til kjøpe noe hver måned, men fortsatt kanskje litt ofte?
    og en ting til Razz hva mener du er best å bruke, personal shopper metoden eller den der du fyller handlekurven, adressen og alt det selv?

    ble kanskje litt mange spørsmål, men er så utrolig giret på å faktisk kunne handle via nettsider som maccosmetics.com og sephora.com +++ Grin

  7. Makki:
    Heisann, og takk for kommentar! Personlig har jeg brukt MyUS i mer enn et år nå, og er utrolig fornøyd med tilbudet, mulighetene de gir meg, og kundeservicen. Medlemskapet mitt kalles “Classic”, men det er ikke tilgjengelig lenger. Når det gjelder hvilket medlemskap du skal velge, så må du nesten lese under “membership types” for å se hva som passer best til ditt behov. Jeg vil tro at “Standard” holder for deg, som for meg.

    Når det gjelder “personal shopper”, så bruker jeg ikke denne tjenesten med mindre jeg må – det vil si når jeg skal handle fra butikker som krever amerikanskregistrert kredittkort (som M·A·C og Sephora gjør). Alt koster penger, og så jeg unngår det såfremt det er mulig. Hos andre butikker som feks. Urban Decay kan du betale med Paypal, og da kan du handle alt du orker på egenhånd, og bare oppgi MyUS-adressen din som mottakeradresse.

    Hva du enn bestemmer deg for så sørg for at du leser all info på sidene til MyUS, ellers kan det hende du får deg en ubehagelig overraskelse hva priser angår. Du får “innmeldingsgebyr”, en årlig avgift på abonnementet, gebyr for ompakking av forsendelser (kommer an på abonnementet du velger), moms mellom statene, “personal shopper”-gebyr, gebyr om du vil at de skal handle for deg samme dag (dersom det er noe som du frykter blir fort utsolgt), frakt fra USA til Norge, samt fortolling og moms når pakken skal inn i landet. Disse tingene kommer du ikke utenom, så det er ikke sikkert at det er noe som lønner seg for deg om du handler lite og/eller sjeldent.

    Ikke vær redd for å spørre, jeg skal svare så godt jeg kan! Du kan også sende meg en mail om du heller vil det, adressen er sthevara {at} online.no – men hovedtipset mitt er: les, les og les mer, før du oppretter et abonnement.

  8. tusen takk for svar, skal deffitivt lese godt gjennom hele siden.. og kjenner jeg meg rett så kommer jeg sikkert tilbake med en hel haug med spørsmål xD

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