27 weeks, 2150 grams

Everyday I'm thankful for the fact that we decided to get Theo. Everyday I'm thankful for the fact that I found his breeder Eva J., even though we had to go all the way to Tromsø to pick him up. Everyday I'm grateful for the fact that I've got the most perfect little dog I could ever have wished for in. Seriously. Maybe I'm a little biased, but I truly love him to death. I'm absolutely sure that he understands everything I tell him, no matter if it's a command or just small talk. It doesn't matter how dark and gray the day might be, Theo is a little ball of "sunshine" who's spreading brightness and happiness all over the place! I remember a time when we still talked about getting a dog in the future, and completely agreed that our bed would be off limits to him. Now it's seriously difficult to put him in his cage instead of letting his sleep beside us through the night, and even though I'm not extremely fond of that tiny cold and wet little nose that comes poking my ear early in the morning, I wouldn't want be without the affection he shares with me in his own special way.

Xina Cross Country: March 14th 2010

It might be my imagination, but it seems like he's changing a lot now. I'm sure that I can see changes in his tail from day to day, and he's lost all but three of his puppy teeth without any problems at all. He's got one tiny little puppy tooth left in his upper mouth, in addition to his two upper canines, and those are supposed to be the last two to be shed. As far as we can tell, being a little inexperienced and all, it looks like he's got a correct scissor bite, 6+6. He's becoming more and more social every day, and he's completely ecstatic whenever someone rings the doorbell, running like crazy to be the first to greet them. Imagine the disappointment when it's only the newspaper guys wanting to leave the papers in the hallway, and no one's actually coming to see him. So charming! Now he's even greeting larger dogs he passes by when he's outside, but he didn't quite trust the Pug that insisted on growling in his face, making a lot of strange noises resembling a true Tasmanian Devil. I can't say I blame him, Pugs are scary!

Photo © Øyvind H. '10

Posted by Shamini on March 14, 2010 – 2:41 AM

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  1. Så bra at du fikk Theo – og han er heldig som har en eier som er så glad i han. Hos meg får begge hundene lov til å sove i sengen min, bare koselig det Smile

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