The evil Mr. Postman

I think Mr. Postman has decided to punish me for some unknown reason. As I've mentioned a couple of times already, I'm still waiting for the package I ordered from Asos on February 19th containing the insanely cute little purse, which was marked as shipped the same day I ordered it. Well, since nothing has arrived yet I decided to write an e-mail to their customer service asking if they might have any way of tracking my shipment. I got an answer within 15 minutes informing me that there was no records of my package to be found anywhere, so unfortunately it had to be lost somewhere. I was also told that a replacement package was to be sent by express shipping (free of charge) immediately. Fantastic! Kudos for excellent customer service indeed, and a gold star from me.

Benefit Brow ZingsI'm also waiting for a parcel from Amira, which was shipped from France on February 24th. It's been 14 working days, and I'm seriously dreading that it won't arrive at all. Being impatient and awaiting mail isn't a very good combination. She got me a bottle of the gorgeous nail polish "Purple Rain" from NARS, which I instantly fell in love with when I saw swatches of it, and Brow Zings - Allure 2008 Best of Beauty Awards - brow shaping kit from Benefit Cosmetics. And I'd really like to get them soon. Not because I'm in desperate need of either of these products, but because I want to know that they have arrived, safe and sound. It's horrible not to know! Bah. Maybe tomorrow. Yes? Tomorrow it'll arrive.

I actually sent M·A·C Solar White to Amira the same day that she shipped my package, and it arrived in France after only two days. For some reason I had managed to buy two of the same color, a color I absolutely didn't need a backup of, and she had been searching for it. I was astonished by the short time it took to reach her! It's just sad that I can't say the same thing for my package. It's kinda funny though since the very first shipment she sent me took three days, and the postal system added to the time by several days ever since. I think Mr. Postman is well aware that I'm one of the most impatient beings in the world, and has decided to torture me, just for the fun of it. I'm still kinda hoping that it's been stalled by the weather in Europe or something, that it will arrive sometime soon. I feel bad for the sender, in this case Amira, when shipments don't arrive on time. I would be devastated myself if I had made a custom purchase for someone that never arrived, even though it's out of the senders control once it's been shipped.

Amira is now in possession of some very special treasures which have my name written all over them, and I'm scared senseless to lose them in the mail. Why? Amira just became my Heroine - with a capital H - by getting them for me, and I'm forever grateful to her. You know, I'm actually a very lucky girl to have incredible friends out there, like Amira and Ingrid, who's been willing to buy stuff for me and ship it all the way to Norway, just because I live in a country with horrible prices and a much smaller selection of brands and products than a lot of other countries. And because they both are absolute dolls, of course. I love you guys, I hope you know that - and if any of you ever need anything I can help you with, anything at all, don't hesitate to let me know!

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Posted by Shamini on March 12, 2010 – 5:25 PM

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  1. aaaaaaaw…takk. forresten, jeg har brow-zings, den er bedre enn mange brynsting jeg har, hadde en forferdelig en fra Model inc og den ga meg grå øyenbryn! først da jeg ble fotografert med den sluttet jeg raskt å bruke den. men browzing er fin. solar white og igrunn.

  2. Ingrid:
    Det er jeg som skal takke. Smile Jeg har aldri brukt noen bryngreier, litt fordi jeg alltid har hatt “nok” bryn, og litt fordi jeg ikke har orket å styre med det (blir fort sliten i armene) – og så gjenstår det jo å se om den faktisk kommer frem, eller om pakken forsvant et eller annet sted på veien.

  3. jau, jeg liker å fylle mellomromma i bryna mine, har igrunn nok hår der liksom. bare litt langt fra hverandre. haha.

  4. Hope it arrives soon! I once thought a package was completely lost, usually it takes around 8 days for things from that specific webstore to arrive, but this time was 4 weeks. When it arrived, I was so happy! I hope yours arrives soon too Smile I bought something from ebay six weeks ago that still hasn’t arrived. Ouch. Hey, maybe there’s someone in the norwegian postal system wearing very pretty eyebrows, and Tilt eyeshadow right now. You should look closely at him when he arrives next time Smile

  5. Ingrid:
    Det var det jeg også tenkte å gjøre. Du har jo flotte bryn! Nå har jeg jo omsider lært meg å fikse/trimme/nappe dem selv, så da kan jeg vel strekke meg bittelitt lenger, og se om jeg får testet dette med å fylle dem inn også. Vi får se om Brow Zing dukker opp!

    Thank you, and I naturally wish the same thing for you! You actually got a shipment three weeks later than usual? Hm, I guess there’s still hope then. I’m really hoping we don’t have the same thieving employees in the Norway Post as UPS does, because I want my items to come home to me. *whine* I’ll remember to take an extra close look next time I see a postal worker, and I’ll let you know if i see any traces of Tilt anywhere. Wink

  6. I love you babe <3

    Hoping the package will arrive very soon!

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