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Sigma Makeup Premium Brush KitEarly in February I picked up a rumor about a new upcoming brush kit from Sigma®, and naturally I was anxious to see what they had in store for us. I recently decided to get their Professional Brush Kit with the brush roll, and I had the black Travel Brush Set from before. When their Hollywood Collection was launched I got the black retractable kabuki brush, and I haven't regretted any of my purchases as of yet.

When the news finally hit us I was amazed! This new brush kit contained several brushes that I've been eyeballing at M·A·C, but couldn't afford to buy. This kit contains the total of 15 brushes and a brush roll. There are 14 new face and eye brushes, seven of each, plus 1 new lip brush. I know some people was upset that these brushes weren't sold individually or even without the brush roll, but even though I had a few of these brushes already, I didn't think twice about getting the full kit. The brush roll is made of some kind soft, synthetic material resembling leather, and has a magnetic snap closure. It's also got "Sigma Makeup" embossed on the flap - and it's ideal to store your brushes in.

The plan was to wait a little before ordering, but I ended up ordering the Premium Kit right after the launch, and when I received them 11 working days later I was absolutely thrilled. I love them!

I have said it before, but I'm not going to stop saying it: having good tools is everything! I'm still not saying that cheap is good, but getting those good tools doesn't have to be expensive. As already mentioned the Premium Kit has three brushes more than the Professional Kit, and the price has been increased by $60. I can understand that people are reacting, but when you think about it it's no more than $20 per brush, and that's absolutely reasonable for these brushes. For comparison reasons I want to mention that the 134 Large Powder Brush from M·A·C costs $52 alone. If you break it down you'll discover that you actually pay less than $10 a brush with this Sigma® Premium Brush Kit, and you get a nice brush roll to accompany your tools.

Brushes in the Premium Kit:
• SS227 (E50) Large Fluff Brush
• SS192 (F65) Large Concealer Brush
• SS131 (F15) Duo Fibre Powder Brush
• SS165 (F35) Tapered Highlighter Brush
• SS129 (F10) Powder/Blush Brush
• SS138 (F25) Tapered Face Brush
• SS134 (F20) Large Powder Brush
• SS222 (E35) Tapered Blending Brush
• SS226 (E45) Small Tapered Blending Brush
• SS217 (E25) Blending Brush
• SS195 (F75) Concealer Brush
• SS212 (E15) Flat Definer Brush
• SS214 (E20) Short Shader Brush
• SS316 (L05) Lip Brush
• SS210 (E10) Small Eye Liner Brush

You get 15 brushes in a convenient brush roll for $149 plus shipping, as opposed to the Professional Kit which is $89 with the brush roll. Keep in mind that several of these brushes are expensive if you are to buy them individually from a brand like M·A·C, to mention one of them. Even thought most of them are comparable in name, size and area of use, it's up to you to decide which ones you prefer. There are small differences between the two brands, even though they have similar names. I'm also hoping that several, if not all of these brushes will be available as individual brushes later on, making it possible to buy backups or replace them without having to buy another complete kit. I know I'll keep buying my brushes from Sigma® in the future.

Have I tickled your curiousity?
Order your very own Sigma® brushes here.

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Posted by Shamini on March 10, 2010 – 2:07 AM

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  1. Du! jeg var innom mac idag og det var faen meg utsolgt for ripe peach! jeg kjøpte min igår lissom! shitt… sorry, da har jeg prøvd hvertfall! oi har du kjøpt den nye sigma greia! jeg vil ha 217 og kontur børsten som er tapered…

  2. Ingrid:
    Jeg la ikke merke til at du var online igår, og fikk bare beskjed når du logga av. Typisk! Når det gjelder blushen så setter jeg kjempestor pris på at du gadd, tusen takk! Jeg regnet vel egentlig med at de ikke hadde fler igjen – den må rangere HØYT blant M·A·Cs mestselgende produkter noensinne. Helt sjukt. Og veldig ergerlig. Mhm. Men takk, du er best!

    Jeg knakk under presset (hm, hvilket press?), og bestilte settet. Det er jeg egentlig ganske glad for, siden det nå er utsolgt såvidt jeg vet. Var endel koster i det som “manglet” i samlingen min, og jeg er jo kjempefan av Sigma Makeup – som et billigere alternativ til M·A·C da. Smile

  3. Oh, lucky you! Now you have so many brushes. I’m intrigued by this set, I have the full professional set. I think it’s poorly balanced though, the premium set. No packing-brushes (like 239, 242, 252, 249), but four eye blending brushes? And how many highlighting brushes do we really need? I’ve wanted the 222 and the 226 for some time, and maybe even the 217 fullsized, but I think this is just too much. Maybe I’ll get them individually on ACW if they arrive there. Enjoy your new brushes though! End of my little rant Smile

  4. Pinch:
    I agree with you on the fact that it’s lacking the essential eye brushes, but I think the Professional kit is meant for giving you the “complete” set of brushes needed for the everyday makeup – and then you can add to your collection by buying the Premium kit later on. Personally I think the Premium kit comes with several useful brushes, so I’m not really disappointed. Sure, I don’t need all of them – but 9 brushes out of 15 is quite OK by me (and I’m sure I can find some use for the remaining 6 as well). Smile

    Oh, and do keep “ranting” – I love getting, reading and answering comments! Have a splendid day. Smile

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