Unpacking. Huh?

I've had a really productive day already. The time is only 3:57 PM and I've done a lot of things. I woke up a little before 9:00 AM, and that's a first for me! The weather has been very shifting, from sunny to rainy to minor blizzard. Fascinating. First I had a meeting with two caseworkers from the local authority concerning my personal assistance. I really dreaded it. I don't know why, it was more a formality than anything else, but I have such bad experience with the local authority from back home. I'm always anticipating a knife in my back the second I turn around - not a very healthy attitude, but it's the bad experience I tell you. The meeting went well, or at least I think it did, and as I already knew it was mostly a formality. Feels good to have it out of the way, so the next thing on my agenda is to try to obtain an answer regarding my "little secret". God, I hate waiting. I can't understand why everything has to go so slowly? I need an answer, damnit.

Apart from all that we've finally managed to clear the living room of boxes. Yes, after living here for seven months we still had three cardboard boxes standing behind the couch, and they've been bugging us both for a long time. Now they're all gone, and everything that was in them has either been thrown away, or put in its correct place. I even found my two Guinness mugs which I bought when I was in Dublin in 2006! Sometimes I think it would have been better just to throw away the boxes without looking in them first, but I would be throwing away a lot of things with memories attached to them - and I couldn't handle that. I'm a collector, or maybe a hoarder rather. Let's just blame it on the fact that I had to move from a house to an apartment, downgrading my space, which meant a lot less room to clutter up. And I'm not even a fan of knick-knacks, trinkets or ornaments!

It's been a long day, so I'm going to bed.
Happy 17th birthday, Aleksander! Best wishes on your day. Smile Heart

Posted by Shamini on March 9, 2010 – 12:42 AM

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