Better safe than sorry!

Mar 8th 2010: new toyboxØyvind made a small road trip to IKEA to pick up a new pillow for me, "Gosa Raps". I was borrowing his while my neck was acting up, and since it felt a lot better than mine I decided to get one of my own. Please don't propose Tempur, I can't stand that crap. While he was there he also bought a pack of three polyester baskets like these for Theo. The original thought was to keep some of his toys gathered in one of them, instead of all over the floor, but funny enough he seems to be afraid of it! Now he's sitting on the floor, within safe distance from it, whining.

With these small dogs there's always a relatively large possibility that you have to take them to the veterinarian when they start shedding their baby teeth, to avoid later problems with the new and permanent teeth. I was crossing my fingers and hoping that this wouldn't be a problem with Theo, and I'm extremely happy to tell you that he has lost all but two or three of his baby teeth, which are loose and about to fall out on their own. I'm really against putting animals under anesthetics if it's not absolutely necessary, so I'm relieved. He has still got both his upper canines intact, so we'll have to pay close attention to them. As far as we can tell he has now got a very nice 6+6 scissor bite, with all his new teeth and all, and I'm hoping it'll stay like that. On April 11th we're possibly attending a puppy show nearby, just for the fun of it, unless something unexpected happens. I'm hoping Theo will enjoy it, so we can do it again this summer. I've got big plans for our little ball of fur, provided that he's comfortable with the whole setting.

In this picture he barely dared to pull that toy dog over the edge of the basket, where it's still hanging. Sometimes he's just difficult to understand, but he's awfully cute in the process of being a tiny little weirdo!

Posted by Shamini on March 9, 2010 – 12:57 AM

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