Sleek MakeUP i-Divine: Curious, Safari and Graphite

I was supposed to post this in February, but I forgot all about it. I think I need to admit that I'm an addict. I'm heavily addicted to.. well, mail. What else? I love mail, mail makes me happy. Unless it's bills, they tend to take me down a notch. More bills means less money for fun, like shopping on the Internet, which naturally results in mail.

In mid February I received another package containing two more LE i-Divine palettes from Sleek MakeUP named "Safari" and "Curious". I got both on eBay, and was very happy to discover that I could whisk them away at retail price. Retail! How often does that happen? eBay is filled with greedy people who's desire to become rich is a lot stronger than their sense of honesty, selling heavily overpriced makeup (and other items) that might not even be authentic. As I already said, both these palettes are LE and not available through Sleek MakeUP anymore. "Safari" is a gorgeous metallic palette with 12 colors that instantly made me think of the wilderness, lions, rhinos, giraffes and large, open plains with grassing Zebras! A very suitable name, indeed. "Curious" on the other hand is a rather strange palette, as it's an odd mixture of shimmering and metallic colors (three blues, one teal, one yellow, one purple and so on). I do like it though, it's just strange curious! Maybe it's not so bad after all, at least I'm getting the correct associations to the given name.

Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Palette: SafariSleek MakeUP i-Divine Palette in Safari

Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Palette: CuriousSleek MakeUP i-Divine Palette in Curious

Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Palette: GraphiteSleek MakeUP i-Divine Palette in Graphite

Naturally I had to venture back to eBay after watching a video on YouTube where one of the sisters Pixiwoo did a rather dark look with the latest i-Divine palette, "Graphite". I'm not so sure that I liked the actual look, I would never anything as dark as that - but at the same time I found it kinda sexy. I did see a lot of potential in the dark colors, and I haven't found the trick to resist a palette filled with dark blues, grays and black yet. Gots to have it!

Now I'm a little embarrassed to confess that I'm only lacking two palettes (as far as I know), to complete my Sleek MakeUP palette collection. These two palettes are the permanent "Chaos" and the LE "Jewels". Being permanent it's easy to get my hands on "Chaos", but I actually don't want it. It's supposed to be a matte palette, which usually is a good thing, but from the swatches I've seen it looks horribly chalky. Who wants chalky eyeshadows? I don't, and that's what matter. Maybe I'll change my mind, who knows. "Jewels" is a little more attractive with its shimmery metallics and semi mattes, but I couldn't find it on eBay and it wasn't really that special. Not when I already have seven of the other palettes. Yay me, I'm acting sensible!

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

Posted by Shamini on March 6, 2010 – 3:57 AM

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  1. Hæ! Har du kjøpt Safari uten å fortelle meg om det! Den har jeg lett etter også….. Smile

  2. Næmmen! Jeg skulle fortelle deg det hver gang vi har snakket sammen, i og med at det er din fortjeneste at jeg fikk fingra i Sleek-paletter i utgangspunktet, men så har det liksom blitt glemt da. Sorry! Frown

    Har sjekka selgeren og hun har ikke fler Safari-paletter liggende ute, fant heller ingen hos andre selgere. Jeg kan maile hun jeg kjøpte min av, og høre om hun kanskje har fler liggende. Og så lover jeg å holde utkikk etter den til deg!

  3. Hi Smile

    I found your Blog when I googled the graphite palette and I just wanted to tell you that you can get the Jewels Palette via this shop: http://www.alicejohavesentials.nl/

    You can write them an email, they speak englisch and german as well, and order on this way.


  4. Carry: Hello, and thank you so much for leaving a comment! I’m also kinda pleased that you found my blog when googling, that’s cool. I also want to thank you for the tip on the website (I’ve bookmarked it), but I actually got Jewels off eBay not so long ago. What a gorgeous palette!

    Have a splendid day, and take care!

  5. Hi.
    I was wondering which person you got the sleep palettes from on ebay and how much did you pay for it + shipping?

    I also found your blog through google as I was looking for pictures of the sleek palettes!! Smile

    Thanks for all the input on these palettes!! I just found out about them!! Smile

  6. Jay: thank you so much for commenting, and I think it’s awesome that you found me on Google! I bought my Sleek i-Divine palettes from a UK seller called lindas-cosmetic-corner, and I paid about £5.30 per palette, plus £3.50 in shipping from UK to Norway.

    You’re very welcome, I’m only happy to help! If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to leave another comment or e-mail me. And remember that Sleek MakeUP has opened up for international shipping now, so their products can be ordered through their website – unless you’re looking for the previous limited edition palettes of course. Smile

  7. haha I’m actually looking for jewels, graphite and possibly safari.. but I can’t find them on ebay at the moment. =( What do you recommend since you have all the palettes??

    I was looking at:
    – original
    – sunset
    – storm
    – graphite
    – jewel
    – bohemian
    – safari (maybe)

  8. Jay: Keep a lookout at lindas-cosmetic-corner for the palettes you mention. She didn’t have Jewels when I ordered the first time, but when I was looking for Safari for another friend I discovered that she had Jewels in stock, so I ordered a second time. Excellent seller, very nice and quick! You can always try to e-mail her of course, she might have them in stock.

    So.. which ones would I personally recommend? First of all I’ll have to say that I’m not a very big fan of heavy shimmers or glitters, and I don’t like mattes if they are chalky or hard to work with. I adore the shimmery and metallic shadows from Sleek, they’re a dream to work with, and I think the amount of shimmer is just right. Some of the mattes are chalky though, so I prefer MAC when it comes to matte eye shadows.

    My list would be as follows:
    1. Sunset
    2. Original
    3. Graphite (perfect for smokey eyes)
    4. Jewels
    5. Safari

    Both Storm and Bohemian appear somewhat boring to me, but if you like the neutrals of Storm then go ahead. Bohemian has three metallic shades that are quite nice, but the rest are mattes – and as I said, I’d just choose another brand for those. Smile

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