An eventful day

It's almost midnight and I'm tired. Unusual to be me really, seeing that I'm a true creature of the night, to say it in a rather dramatic manner. No, I'm not a vampire .. but the night is the very best time of day, the time I thrive the most.

Feb 26th 2010: fighting with LizziToday Monica came back for a visit with her own two female Chihuahuas Zita and Lizzi, and this time she also brought the two males Angelo and Lucas. It was fun to watch Theo get to know these two new dogs, them being males and all, and to see that he reacted quite differently than he did the first time he met Zita and Lizzi. There was little or no insecurity, and they interacted immediately. Then the five dogs spent a few hours playing with each other, and Theo absolutely loved the company! When they left he started looking for them, sniffing the floor and the sofa, and then he sat still on his pillow for about 15 minutes without moving. I find it amazing to watch these dogs interact and communicate, it's really fascinating. Theo clearly prefers Lizzi's company, as she got most of his attention, but he's a lot more confident now than when he first met mother and daughter. Lucas was a very charming guy, who almost immediately decided that my lap could be used for a quick cuddle, while Angelo was trying his very best to avoid any conflicts between the others (also play-fighting). A gentleman indeed. Lizzi is the typical teenager who seemed to enjoy all the attention from Theo, and Zita kept everyone in order as the junior leader of the pack.

I have fallen utterly and completely in love with these little dogs, and I'm very grateful to have met a wonderful friend like Monica. Theo was completely exhausted after all the impressions, all the playing, wrestling and running around, but I think he's a quite happy little dog right now. I just had to share this picture with you. It shows Theo and Lizzi, whom I think he has a crush on, having one of their play-fights. And one thing is absolutely certain, we LOVE the company!

Photo © Øyvind H. '10

Posted by Shamini on February 27, 2010 – 3:49 AM

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  1. Smile så nusselige da Smile

  2. thanks for another great visite, I brought some tired dogs home;o)

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