Hauling from November through January

Imagine the disappointment when I woke up and discovered that Mr. DHL had tried to call me while I was visiting Nemo in Dreamland? I quickly checked my tracking information, just to discover the message: "address information needed, please contact DHL", so I did. Luckily I'm blessed with a Mr. DHL that now knows my name and where I live, so that wasn't really an issue, but I returned his call too late to get my shipment delivered today. Bummer! But as you all know, I already have the perfect man in my life. He doesn't only bring me roses, chocolates and jewelery - he also brings me packages, and today was no exception. He went out, collected my package from DHL, and made my Monday perfect.

The package was sent from MyUS, as I've already mentioned, and contained about three months worth of hauling from a few different online stores in the US. It's hard to wait when you're as impatient as I am, but it's a lot better than Christmas and birthday combined when the package finally arrives - and with the speed of lightning too! I placed the shipping order on Thursday, or rather Friday since it was past midnight, and it arrived in Trondheim today just in time for delivery. One's gotta love DHL. Fantastic!

Urban Decay Alice in WonderlandThe main item in this shipment was the long awaited "Alice in Wonderland" palette from Urban Decay. I also received three mini-sized UD 24/7 Glide-On Pencils in Covet, Electric and Lust, as a promotion offer when I ordered my stuff. You'll never hear me say "no thank you" to some extra 24/7 pencils, believe you me! And a XL version of the Primer Potion. From M·A·C I had ordered bulk wipes, a pencil sharpener, and then I later caved under the enormous pressure it is when M·A·C decides to launch several collections after one-another, and ended up buying some eyeshadows from Love Lace, Warm & Cosy and All Ages, All Sexes, All Races. Unfortunately I see now that I could have skipped a few of them, and never missed not having them in my collection. Another bummer!

Originally I was planning to get a few more refills, but somehow I forgot? I've been wondering if I might have some kind of built-in device in my head causing me to forget something when I'm ordering online, and that way forcing me to come back again to order more. Maybe I've been brainwashed? I kinda like depotting my eyeshadows, but it's so much neater to just buy the refill and put it directly into a palette. No hassle. No fear of breaking them in the process. Below is a list of the M·A·C shadows I ended up buying. The ones in bold are limited edition pots in dire need of being depotted, labeled and placed, while the last four on the list are permanent refills.

  • Hypnotizing LE (frost)
  • Love Lace LE (veluxe pearl)
  • Suave Intentions LE (veluxe pearl)
  • All Races LE (matte)
  • Showstopper LE (matte)
  • Chamomile LE (satin)
  • Milled Cider LE (satin)
  • Modelette LE (satin)
  • Blanc Type (matteĀ²)
  • Club (satin)
  • Copperplate (matteĀ²)
  • Scene (satin)

When M·A·C launched their M·A·C in Lillyland collection I wasn't really that stoked. Actually nowhere near stoked. I considered getting the face powder because it looked.. unusual. I didn't, and today I'm glad I skipped most of the items. Somewhere along the line I kept reading that the one thing that was really worth getting from this collection was the Lip Gelées. The four that came with this collection was: Resort Life, Lush & Bright, Preppy and Shift to Pink (swatches at Temptalia), and they kinda remind me of Dazzleglass in a tube. I'm not a great fan of Dazzleglass as I find them way too sparkly, but I loved these colors and decided to try the Lip Gelées. It's also a plus that you don't have to use a silly wand for application, and then stick back into the tube with germs and everything. Eew! Good thing it's possible to sanitize makeup.

Anyway, now I'm gonna lean back and wait for Mr. Postman to come next! Grin

Photo © Urban Decay

Posted by Shamini on February 22, 2010 – 10:32 PM

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  1. Lucky you! Nice boyfriend, and you got a great selection of items! Blanc Type is my alltime favourite highlighter, blender colour and lid colour when I want a light lid. It’s so easy to blend and heavily pigmented. If you were only to get ONE highlight from MAC (as if), and you’re as pale as me, get Blanc Type, ’cause shimmery highlights are easy to find in any brand, but the matte shades are hard to get right. I also love Club, especially with greens or Vex in particular, and Copperplate is great too.

    I got the so sweet, so easy blush from lillyland and absolutely love it Smile But I’ve never tried any of the lipgelees, so I’ll try and find some Smile

    OH, and I think the reason we always forget something is because admit it: we want EVERYTHING. Yes, we’re brainwashed Smile

  2. Pinch:
    Thank you so much! I didn’t have Blanc Type in my collection from before, and I’ve been holding Femme Fi close to my heart for a long time as my favorite highlighter. I think it’ll be great as a blending color, also as a general brightener even though I’m not pale. I saw Vex and Club used in combination somewhere, and that made me need them both.

    I’m quite inexperienced when it comes to blush, I’m scared senseless to look like a clown and therefore I rarely use any. It’s sad, because I own a few, and a face can look so much more.. alive!.. with some blush. Do you have any recommendations maybe? I must say that the Lip Gelées are for people who really like Dazzleglass, but would prefer them with a little less stickiness. The colors are gorgeous indeed, but a little too sparkly to my taste.

    Yes. I do want EVERYTHING. Grin

  3. Sure, I’ll try to give some recommendations for blush, but I only ever do my own makeup, and I’m an nc15. If you’re scared to look like a clown, I’d say go with the sheerer kind (like MAC’s sheertones), rather than going with superpigmented NARS. Also, a skunk brush like 187 or 188 will be a brilliant tool to build up product. For colours I’d say to stay away from anything too cool on your skintone as it may look ashy. I think Sunbasque and Springsheen would be gorgeous on you Smile Also the bright orange cremeblend blush from Florida. It doesn’t apply that scary Smile

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