Shopping Spree of February

In late October last year I wrote about the gorgeous palettes from Kat Von D for Sephora. I posted pictures of three of her palettes, "Beethoven" and the two LE "Metal Orchestra" and "True Love", which I was lemming very strongly at the time. I later caved, and ordered them all three through MyUS - and I adore them all of them, even though I must say that "Metal Orchestra" is my absolute favorite. When I suddenly noticed that she had launched another LE called "Memento Mori" - "Remember you are mortal" - and it showed up on Sephora as "sold out", I instantly felt so sad and disappointed that I had missed it. These palettes sell for a small fortune on eBay, and I'm not really tempted to go bananas anymore. I guess the fright of getting fake products when paying for the real thing has overcome the joy of an insane eBay-spree.

KVD True Romance Memento Mori"Memento Mori"

As I'm sure you've already noticed each of these palettes contains 8 eyeshadows. From left to right they are called True (cream shadow), Solitude, Meditation, Agatha Pink, Sugar Skull, Peggy, Hard Luck and Tijuana. The one cream shadow is perfect to use as a base for the other shadows, but please remember to use a primer underneath to prevent creasing. xSparkage has posted a very cute tutorial for a look based on this palette on YouTube, and you can watch it here.

There's nothing very special about the colors in these palettes, and I'm sure most of them can be easily duped by other brands. I still love the whole look and feel of these palettes though, which is why I own three of the palettes. I'm also a big fan of Kat Von D and her art, and I think it's cool that she's implemented her tattoos on the packaging of her own makeup line. The one thing I would have changed if I could is those hideous sponge applicators, they should have been replaced with miniature editions of her brushes instead. Luckily I discovered that it was back in stock at Sephora, so soon it will be mine!

Miss SixtyNow I'm sure several of my female readers will shake their heads at me for actually buying the following item, but what can I say? I'm don't have the heart to walk away from insanely cute things, and therefore I just had to get it. Isn't it just the cutest little coin purse you've ever seen? Apart from being insanely cute I found it to be very handy for the days that I don't want to carry a handbag around with me. I'm not the handbag-carrying-kind-of-girl, even though I must admit that I enjoy buying them every once in a while. I don't like handbags big enough to house me and a small town! Anyway, this cute little thing is from Miss Sixty, a brand for teenagers I know, but what do I care. It's perfect for carrying some money and the necessary credit cards around, and seeing that it's too easy for a random bystander to rob me (when I'm keeping my wallet in my lap), it's assuring that it comes with a chain for wearing across the body.

Insanely cute!

After discussing a lot back and forth with my sweet Amira, I went on a hunt for Stila Diamond Lil' (grayish taupe with golden shimmer), an eyeshadow very similar to M·A·C Smoke & Diamonds - which is one of M·A·C's most popular eyeshadows. Naturally it's a LE, and therefore close to impossible to get your hands on, unless you were one of the lucky ones when it was repromoted in the Love That Look collection earlier this year. Anyway, I was supposed to write about Stila. I also wanted to try out the infamous Kitten (nude pink with shimmer), and seeing that Stila had extended their promotional offer of a free Precious Pearl Palette with any order of $40 or more, I pretended that no one saw me as I quickly added Black Cat (soft black with shimmer) to my cart before I checked out.

I'm hoping Mr. Postman will find his way to me soon, and shower me with packages from all over the world. Oh.. and in a few days Mr. DHL will come bearing gifts as well, because I got a mail from MyUS telling me that a shipment is on its way to Trondheim, Norway!

Photos © Sephora and ASOS - edited by Shamini Thevarajah '10

Posted by Shamini on February 19, 2010 – 10:27 PM

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  1. OMG that is positively the world’s cutest bag.. only thing I saw that small is a wallet, this one is tops!

  2. Michelle:
    Yes, I know! Can you blame me for buying such a cute little thing? Grin

  3. Øyeskyggepaletten ser kjempesøt ut, jeg har nesten bare øyeskygger fra EDM. Det er alltid gøy å få pakker i posten, jeg liker å gå å vente på en pakke også – selv om jeg vet hva jeg får… Smile

  4. Pakker er helt supert uansett. Det er sjeldent jeg får pakker jeg ikke allerede vet innholdet i, men jeg gleder meg som en unge likevel – og det er nedtur når man vet at det ikke kommer fler på en stund. Akkurat nå holder jeg øye med pakken som kommer med DHL, og den er i Tyskland as we speak. Imponerende at DHL faktisk sender pakkene videre på en søndag!

    EDM er jeg veldig glad i selv, foundationen deres er min absolutte favoritt, men jeg blir ikke helt fortrolig med løse øyenskygger. Elsker kostene deres også, fantastiske og myke. Smile

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