Who invited Jack Frost?

I'm feeling so restless I could die. On the other hand I don't feel like moving at all. Dilemma. This weekend our elevator stopped working, apparently after being serviced, and caused a lot of distress for all the older people living in the building. I was planning on going to a dog show this Sunday, but I didn't feel up to it, so the elevator crisis didn't really concern me. See, our apartment is on ground floor, but there's still a small flight of stairs from the entrance to our front door. No biggie, really. It's still nice to have a functional elevator, just in case.

Outside the sun is actually gracing us with a guest appearance! I'm intrigued. I'm so sick of Jack Frost, with his cold breath, icy touch and the continuous snowing. I know, I've said. It's just that I'm longing to go outside again, without having to plan it according to the weather forecast. I need some light, some sunlight, some temperature. God, I wish I could just jump on a plane.. to Greece! Or somewhere else, as long as it's warm and exciting. Come to think of it, Greece isn't really warm this time of year. I know, I was in Crete in March a couple of years ago. It's pretty depressing having to wear the exact same (warm) clothes in Crete as you would at home.

This is me doodling.

Oh, I almost forgot. On Friday we had company, all three of us! Monica came to see us with her two wonderful Chihuahua females, Zita and Lizzi. We hadn't met Monica before, only spoken on MSN and via a forum for Chihuahua owners and breeders, so it was really nice to finally get the chance to meet her face-to-face. Theo seemed to really appreciate having two girls over and willingly shared everything he had, even his food and goodies. I think he fell deeply in love with Lizzi, because he just couldn't leave her alone! At first he seemed a little stressed out over these two unknown and fearless ladies, but you could clearly see how much he wanted to join in on their play. After a little barking and a few insecure jumps back and forth, he slowly figured out that they weren't scary at all, and after that he seemed to really enjoy their company. This was an excellent opportunity for Theo to spend more time with other dogs his own size, socializing a little, and it's enjoyable to watch these cute little creatures interact with each other. I hope we can meet again soon!

Posted by Shamini on February 9, 2010 – 9:38 PM

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  1. we defenatly have to do this again soon;o) Did you get any good pictures?

  2. Yes, we do! And I’m hoping for a show as well, even if they might be too old for a puppy show. Exciting! I didn’t get any good pictures no, most of them was taken directly from above or had only an ear or a tail on them. I think we’ll have to try again.

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