EOTD: “When the Sun Sets”

EOTD: When the Sun SetsEyes:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
M·A·C Femme Fi (highlight)
Sleek MakeUP Palette in "Sunset"
M·A·C Feline Kohl Eye Pencil
CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara

Sigma Makeup SS239, SS217 and M·A·C #219

What did I do?
As usual I started off this look by priming both my lids up to the brow using UDPP. I started with the yellow shade (top row, 5th shadow from the left) and chose to concentrate it on the inner third of my lid, patting it on with the SS239. I then used the same brush for the orange shade (top row, 4th shadow from the left), using the same patting motion to place it all over the middle of my lid, blending it slightly together with the yellow. To tie everything together I used the dark red shade (top row, 2nd shadow from the left) for the outer part of my lid, and the crease. I see now from the picture that I shouldn't have pulled the red as far in towards the inner corner as I actually did. I should also have used a more matte highlight for this look, but ended up using Femme Fi since it's one of my favorites. Using Feline I lined my waterline halfway in, smudged it out a little with the #219, and finished off with one coat of LashBlast mascara on my upper lashes. Oh, and I used the SS217 for all my blending.

First of all I have to praise these Sleek MakeUP palettes once more. The colors are so frigging vibrant and pigmented. The three colors I chose for this look looks a little more metallic in real life than in the picture, I don't know if that's a plus or a minus, but I do know that I'll be doing this look over and over again. How come I didn't have these awesome colors when the winter almost smothered me with its depressing presence? These colors mixed together make me think of the gorgeous midnight sun that I grew up with up north. Evenings in the end of summer, sitting outside watching the sun set behind the mountains. The smell of autumn approaching, the small changes in nature, the feeling of being utterly happy and unaware of the responsibility that comes with an adult life. Memories I want to keep with me forever. Memories that make me smile.

This EOTD a tribute to Sneezingpanda!

Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Palette: Sunset

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

Posted by Shamini on February 5, 2010 – 1:20 AM

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  1. Wow, I love it. Gold and red is a smashing combination for an eye shadow. I might use it myself!

  2. Åh, det var fint!! Skulle bare ønske at jeg hadde så fine øyne som deg. Jeg har sånne “hooded lids”, det blir ikke så fint da. Frown

  3. å det var kjempe fint Grin

  4. Fyfaaen, så fint det ble!

  5. WOW! One of your best, darling!

  6. Åh,så nydelig det var! Nå fikk jeg tanker til sol og strandSmile

  7. Gorgeous Smile such summery, bright colours! I get what you mean about the sunset Smile not many colourful sunsets these days! Just gray and bleak Smile

  8. Åååå, så herlige farger. Må virkelig få kjøpt meg noen av disse palettene, merker jeg Smile

  9. Tusen hjertelig takk for alle kompliementer og hyggelige kommentarer! Heart Tror vel dette er en look som kommer til å bli repetert flere ganger, iallfall hver gang humøret trenger en liten piff. Sleek-palettene er uansett å anbefale. Kjempeflotte farger, enkle å blande i hverandre, og herlige å jobbe med. Smile

  10. This is so pretty!! I love it!!

  11. Thank you so much, Tish – and thank you for commenting! It’s truly appreciated. Smile

  12. Ååh, utrolig nydelig til dine brune øyne =D

  13. Tusen takk for koselig kommentar, Lene! Grin

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