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My newest lemming(s) was the very pigmented and colorful palettes from Sleek MakeUP, and I'm so blaming Sneezingpanda for that. Never heard of the brand you say? I'm not surprised. Sleek MakeUP is a drugstore brand that can be obtained at Superdrug for those lucky enough to live in the UK. I first heard of these Sleek palettes on Specktra, where most of the American girl were craving one or more. Ever since I discovered M·A·C and Urban Decay I haven't really been interested in drugstore brands, mainly because the brands we're offered in Norway tend to suck, but the color swatches of these was reeling me in. See, when I decide to wear eyeshadow I want eyeshadow that's pigmented enough to show up on my lids. Not too much to ask for, is it? In my personal experience you get what you pay for with most drugstore brands - lower price, lower quality, less payoff. And here's where Sleek MakeUP manages to prove me wrong! Their eyeshadows are absolutely fantastic, soft and pigmented - the price is just a neat bonus.

• Mica
• Talc
• Kaolin
• Magnesium
• Stearate
• Dimethicone
• Paraffinum liquid
• Ethylhexyl
• Palmitate
• Propylparaben
• Methylparaben

What's a Sleek MakeUP i-Divine palette?
Each palette contains a mirror (covering the inside of the lid), a double sponge applicator (who uses them?) and 12 colors of 1.1 grams each. The best thing about these palettes is the price, which is an affordable £5, which would be about 48,- NOK with today's exchange rate. The price may differ a little from store to store, but it's about £5 anyway. Not bad at all for a super cute little palette with many nicely pigmented and gorgeous colors! I also want to mention that the whole look and feel of the palette is good, not cheap and flimsy as you might think. Some might wrinkle their nose at the ingredients, and also that these eye shadows are mainly shimmery in some way or another, but I'm smiling!

According to sleekmakeup.com, they'll be launching an online store in February. They have had lots of requests from overseas, so I guess they didn't see any other solution than opening up a store offering shipping overseas. Yay! Maybe others will follow their good example, and open up for international shipping? The world (of makeup) would certainly be a better place.

Did I tempt you enough to make you wanna try any of these palettes? Keep an eye out for the brand new store at Sleek MakeUP some time during February.

Posted by Shamini on February 2, 2010 – 10:48 AM

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  1. I love my Sleek palettes! I have 5 of them and they are amazing Smile
    I’m totally excited for the online store! Yey!

  2. Michélle:
    Oh, you have Sleek palettes? Which ones do you have, and which one(s) is your favorite? Smile I’m struggling with my idiotic neck and head at the moment, so I’m really not up to anything.. not even playing with my makeup.

  3. And BTW – They sell Sleek palettes at AngelsAfro hair in Oslo. Only Chaos, Storm and Original, that is. Smile They also sell some other makeup from Sleek.

  4. I LOVE these palettes, and it hard to believe how they can sell them so cheap!!
    The colours are beautiful, and VERY pigmented-Although, saying that, its the shimmery colours which are very pigmented…
    The matte colours are not that great, except for the matte black-which is very good, at maximum but you only get 3 matte colours per palette, and the matte black is one of them-again, in every palette.
    The matte black is by far one of the best blacks I’ve found to date!
    Even if you’re not into black, or darker shadow, you will find this shade extremely useful-Whether you smudge it alone your lash line as a liner, use it to define your outer V, or all over the eye-If you’re more daring!

  5. Alana:
    Thank you so much for commenting! A new “face” is always appreciated. I absolutely agree, I LOVE these palettes as well. I decided not to buy “Chaos”, being the all-matte palette, since it looked so chalky. I’m planning on doing a darker look, using the black, so than you so much for the tips! Smile

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