Theo: almost 5 months old

Xina Cross CountryIt's about time with an update on Theo. All is well, and he's growing week by week. This Monday he weighed 1895 grams, which isn't really a lot, but seeing that both his parents are about 2,2 kilograms he's starting to get close to his estimated weight. I mean, he's not 5 months yet! I just hope he won't grow into a monster of a Chihuahua, he's supposed to stay small and cute! His fur is developing, and he has got these tiny specks on each side of the neck, where darker fur, one of the characteristics of his color, is growing out as part of his coming mane. The hairs on his tail have started "twisting", and will soon be visible as a tiny fan. I just love watching him develop, it's so much fun! And he's such a beautful boy too - I'm not biased at all, I promise. A week ago we started training together with other puppies and their owners, and he's doing very well. He seems to be very intelligent, and he catches on very quickly. We are mainly concentrating on clicker training, shaping, targeting and common behaviors, and Theo's making us really proud.

I'm not so sure that he'd want me to tell you, but he actually got a woolen sweater in the mail the other day. It was one of Dennis' old ones, and we decided he needed one since the training classes are being held outdoors. Do not misunderstand, Theo is not wearing clothes, nor will he ever be, but when he'll be staying outside for an hour or it's essential to keep him warm. And seeing that we've got winter here I would be over-exaggerating immensely if I were to say that our temperatures are "high" nowadays. I wish this frigging winter would go away already. For the time being we can stay inside and snuggle, and believe me.. we do all the time, but it'll be fun to see Theo explore and play outside when the spring comes. He's not sexually mature yet, but I imagine it's right around the corner. Just the other day he went nearly insane when a small Pomeranian female walked past our veranda. Jeez, teenagers and hormones!

Xina Cross CountryTheo is going through a lot of tiny transitions now, and another one of them is that he's shedding his tiny baby teeth! I have to admit that I'm a little worried, knowing that small dogs very often have problems with this. So far he's lost two of his upper teeth, and four of his lower teeth in between the canines. He looks a little silly, but so far there has been no complications at all. He chews a lot on his toys, but I guess that's natural. Believe me, it's not an easy task to photograph the teeth of a very impatient puppy, so we bribed him with a chewing stick to get this awesome, but scary shot.

And there you have it, an update on our charming little troll. Wink

Posted by Shamini on January 21, 2010 – 10:32 PM

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  1. Så søøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøt!

  2. Jeg dauer, han er bare til å spise opp!

  3. Åh, jeg drømte om Theo i natt. Fine hunden! Smile

  4. Hahaha! Såååå nusselig!! Smile De tennene skal jeg holde meg langt unna derimot…

  5. Tusen takk for herlige kommentarer fra dere alle! Grin

  6. Han er kjempefin, en rase jeg godt kunne tenke meg. Jeg liker også klikkertrening Smile

  7. Helen:
    Tusen takk! I mine øyne er han jo verdens vakreste, men jeg er muligens litt inhabil. Holder på å lage webside til ham, og der vil jeg legge ut mange fler bilder (den er snart klar, mangler bare litt finpuss). Klikkertrening er utrolig kjekt, med mindre han skal lære noe som krever at han holder seg rolig – han synes å elske det selv også, og lærer fort som bare det!

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