Jeans! Jeans! Jeans!

Do you believe me when I tell you that I just had to check out my nearest Bik Bok store when I discovered that they had started their annual 50% sale? Of course you do. I love jeans. Always have. Especially those you can find at stores like Vero Moda, Voice of Europe and Bik Bok, because these stores sell jeans that fit even the slenderest girls in the world - they even sell sizes too small to fit me, imagine that.

Last January I wrote about Bik Bok and their new line of jeans called Never Denim. Unfortunately this post is written in Norwegian, so some of you might not be able to read it. To briefly sum it up I mainly ranted about size and price, and that I ended up buying a pair of White Label Legsley Holes even though it cost 699,- NOK, which would translate into something like $130 USD at the time. Way too much for a pair of jeans, if you ask me - but I couldn't resist it when it was a pair that really fitted me, felt and looked good on me, and didn't give me any problems at all (since I always sit I sometimes experience problems with back-pockets and seams, and most buttons make my stomach itch like crazy). I simply loved them to death, so I splurged the money. In March I found another pair of jeans from Never Denim called Runaway, a pair of coral jeans with ripped legs, which I got at another annual sale with a 30% discount. Perfect for summer, and very unlike anything else I have in my closet.

A week ago I was passing my local Bik Bok store, and I noticed the 50% sale announcements. I decided to go in and have a look, and I wanted to see if I could find another pair of Legsley Holes when I had the chance to get one 50% off the original price. I asked the nearest saleslady, and she actually found a pair in my size. I asked her what the price was just to be sure that they were actually on sale, and she replied: "these are 99,- NOK", with a smile. That's about $18 USD according to today's exchange rate! I didn't really know what to say, other than "yes please, I'll take them", paid for them and left the store - extremely pleased with the fact that I had found another pair of my favorite jeans and got a lot more than 50% off. I barely looked at anything else while I was there, so I decided to go back before their sale ended to look for more treasures. Because of the extreme cold we've been experiencing the past weeks I've been prevented from going outside, but yesterday I just had to get out of the apartment for a few hours. I went back to Bik Bok and found another pair of Never Denim jeans I decided to add to my precious jeans collection (no, I don't collect jeans for real, but I do have a few since I don't wear them out), a pair of really cool Black Label Slinky Lux! Don't pay attention to the picture on their website though, they are actually a lot more white and black than washed out grey, and the one pair they had left in my size was less ripped on the knees which I actually preferred. Seeing that it was 50% off I paid 349,50 NOK, which would be approximately $62 USD.

But now.. no more shopping for jeans for a while! Razz

Posted by Shamini on January 15, 2010 – 7:15 PM

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