Swine flu? I hate it

I have postponed this post for quite some time now, mainly because I'm taking it as a personal failure. I'm sure some of you are wondering how school's going, since I haven't mentioned it for a while now, and I regret having to tell you that I dropped out late this fall. As I've said a million times before, I absolutely hate to give up on something that I've started. I feel like a failure. Now, there's a reason behind my quitting, and that reason was the goddamn swine flu. Due to my situation I can't be around people with potentially contagious diseases that affects the lungs and air ways, and so I couldn't risk catching it. The administration was so understanding to my situation that they e-mailed me continuous updates from week to week with information about new cases, and after having stayed away from school for more than a month I realized that I had missed too much of the beginning of this first semester to continue. The swine flu was heading back for round two, and I didn't know what else to do - so my solution was to just quit. Thankfully I reached an understanding with both NAV (who's paying for my education) and NKF, so I'm able to start back up this fall. Now I'm just hoping that I'll be able to, having enough capable assistants and all, and no more flu or other contagious illnesses, so I can finally reach my goal of becoming a kick-ass graphic designer come 2012.

With a little luck I'll graduate just in time for the end of the world.

Posted by Shamini on January 10, 2010 – 10:41 PM

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  1. Hey, you should be proud! It takes a lot of courage to actually take that final step and quit. And your reasons were the best ones, I say. You simply had no choice Smile

    Hahaha, let’s hope the world will last a little bit longer than 2012 Wink

  2. Maria:
    I wish I could see it the same way as you, but.. I just feel like I’m never finishing anything important that I start, and that’s frustrating. Even if I actually had reasons. Yeah, let us! Wink

    I’m really not so sure.

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