Step lively, Mr. Postman

We're already one week into 2010, and I can't say that I'm very pleased with the beginning of this new year. It's supposed to become the best year ever and everything! It's cold as crap, and my mood drops to the floor simultaneously with the temperature outside, and -18'C just isn't humane. The one thing that picks my mood right back up is shopping, and Theo of course, but I can't be shopping all the time. So, I'm comforting myself by reading blogs about what other people have been hauling, watching videos on YouTube and pictures on Twitter. I have some common sense, because when I'm not even sure what to shop, well.. then it's the perfect time to refrain from shopping, instead of ending up with all kinds of unnecessary things.

And I'm really wondering where Mr. Postman has gone this time? Maybe he has taken to his senses and gone on vacation somewhere warm, but you know.. I would still very much appreciate to have my mail delivered. I'm thinking that he might have frozen to death, it's very well possible, and that's why I'm not getting my mail. I'm waiting for a few packages I ordered before the holidays, and I'm starting to get anxious that I'll never see them. Maybe they've been stolen or lost somewhere, and that worries me. Previous experience, and so on. *sigh*

I'm also waiting for a package from my sweet Amira in France containing my new MUFE palettes, in addition to some other goodies. I'm so exited, and I can hardly wait to start organizing my M·A·C shadows into these two MUFE palettes. M·A·C in MUFE palettes? Outrageous, you say? Each of these palettes take 45 shadows, that's three M·A·C palettes, and they have no stupid plastic insert. I can feel my inner OCD squealing out of pure happiness, seeing that I can now put ALL my brown eyeshadows together in one palette instead of splitting them into two (or more). Same thing with my purple ones! It'll be so neat. In a way I'm all against putting my precious M·A·C shadows into other brands palette, but when MUFE has come up with a palette that fits 45 M·A·C shadows perfectly, magnetized and all - instead of M·A·C's own 16 well palettes, there's no doubt in my mind. Sure you can pull the plastic divider out of the M·A·C palettes, but it's impossible to organize them well as they don't fit properly without the wells, so my OCD just won't allow it.

So please Mr. Postman, hurry up with my packages. Bring them to me quickly! Receiving mail makes me happy, and I'm dying to start organizing my eyeshadows. And fear not, I'll post pictures of these beauties once I'm done. So sleek, so sexy, so genius!

Posted by Shamini on January 8, 2010 – 2:49 AM

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