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A few days ago Sigma® released their new Hollywood Glamour SE collection! I'll gladly admit it, after trying their brushes for the very first time, they had me. Over time I have accumulated quite a nice collection of M·A·C brushes, and I love them with all my heart. It was when I got my first pair of eye shadow brushes from M·A·C that I discovered that putting on makeup was really fun, and easy. It's all in the tools! Anyway, this post is about Sigma®. Being a faithful viewer and subscriber of several channels on YouTube, I discovered the wonderful world of Sigma® through TiffanyD. She introduced me to these fantastic tools, which are almost as good as the ones from M·A·C, yet so much cheaper! I'm the kind of person who'll gladly pay a little extra for quality, but with Sigma it's certainly not an issue anymore. I originally wanted the "Complete Kit" that comes with the brush roll, but since I couldn't afford it I went for the "Face and Eyes Kit" instead - in addition to a couple of individual brushes. I later went back to get the sexy travel kit "Naughty in Black", and now I'm craving the retractable kabuki in black.

Now, you might ask if the Sigma® brushes are better than M·A·C brushes? All I can say is that you'll have to make up your own mind on that matter. I reach for my Sigma® brushes just as often as I do with my M·A·C ones, and I love them equally. Even though they are named quite similar, e.g. 219 and SS219, there are small differences between the two which might make you prefer one of them to the other. It's a matter of choice.

Sigma Makeup Hollywood Glamour: Breakfast with AudreyThis new collection consists of their brand new retractable kabuki brushes, and three different kits. The black kit is named "Breakfast with Audrey", the red one's called "Something About Marilyn" and the pink kit is named "Princess Grace". Each of these sets are made up of a makeup bag, a retractable kabuki and the cutest little heart shaped mirror - and the packaging is decorated with pictures and quotes associated with the three Hollywood beauties they're named after. You'll get each set for $49, which would be 284,- NOK. Purchased individually these three items would add up to $72 or 417,- NOK, so this is just another great offer from Sigma®!

Personally I'm not very fond of makeup bags in general, but it would certainly make a great gift to a makeup loving girl. I absolutely adore the mirror, and since I've been wanting a retractable kabuki for almost a year now, that was a big hit with me as well.

I ♥ Sigma®!

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Posted by Shamini on December 18, 2009 – 3:49 PM

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