Monsters, there’s monsters in my mail!

MmonstersMr. Postman stopped by today, and he brought me a small envelope. When I opened it, two little monsters came crawling out! I kid you not. Two monsters. One was sparkling white with purple spots, and the other one was yellow with bottle green spots and fluorescent eyes! He looked like he'd been suffering from insomnia for several days. The thing is.. Ida Victoria mentioned this girl selling monsters on Epla (the Norwegian counterpart to Etsy). Mhm, monsters. She had gotten one herself, and naturally I had to check them out. Who wouldn't want their own monster? I ended up with two.

I've been collection key chains since I was a little girl, and I now have a collection of more than 400 different ones. I think that's the one collection that has remained with me for all these years, and I think it's awesome to have key chains that symbolizes something. When I was in New York for instance, I got one from Empire State Building, purchased from the gift shop at the very top on the 86th floor, a yellow cab, one with a baseball and a bat symbolizing the New York Yankees, and an eight ball - and looking at them takes me back. In Dublin I got an illuminated laser crystal with a glass of Guinness inside, and a replica of the sign on the wall of the brewery, and so on. They are such sweet little keepsakes with a meaning to them, a memory, and I couldn't bear parting with any of them. Anyway, this shop on Epla called "Mmonster" sells the cutest monsters one can imagine, and they're one of a kind! She has key chains, magnets, necklaces and other things - so naturally I had to buy something from her. I chose these two (key chain) monsters, and today Mr. Postman brought them to me. A wonderful addition to my collection indeed, although one of them are going to guard my keys. I figure he'd sparkle a thief to death, or strangle him with his cute fierce tentacles!

Like my monsters? Get your own: http://epla.no/shops/mmonster/

Photo © Silje Sandøy, Mmonster

Posted by Shamini on December 17, 2009 – 1:45 AM

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