No mail? Depressing..

I haven't had any money for shopping the last month or so, other then the obvious things we've gotten for Theo, and it's nearly killing me that I've got a few things laying around at my MyUS-account, being unable to have them shipped here. See, I had some trouble with MAC Cosmetics Online and some brushes I ordered from them in the beginning of August. Or, the problem was actually with UPS, not MAC. Their package "disappeared" no less than two times, and I had to write MAC to ask them what was going on. They didn't understand anything, as the package was marked as "delivered" on the tracking page. After investigating a little on my own I found that lots of people in the US had bad experience with UPS, and "disappearing" shipments! Anyway, MAC Cosmetics and their extraordinary customer service, made everything right by sending me these brushes for the third time, and I finally got them.

Then I found this super cute hooded jacket from Lip Service in a Norwegian webshop, but decided that it was too expensive, and went to look for it on eBay instead. I'm so glad that I did because I found it for a lot less, and ordered it to my US-address for safekeepings. From time to time I get a newsletter from Yankee Candle informing me about discounts and sales, and ever since I visited the US in 2002 I've been in love with their scented candles. I've discovered a few Norwegian webshops who offers them, but in a very limited selection. So I decided to try to order some from the main store in the US, and have them shipped to my US-address, and it worked! I ordered three large jar candles in Granny Smith, Macintosh and Banana Nut Bread, one pack of tea light candles in Juicy Peach, and two of their new hand sanitizers in Macintosh. I just hate the way those regular hand sanitizers smell like old grannies. Can you tell that I love the smell of apples? Usually I can't stand scented candles, as they usually give me a splitting headache, but most of the fruit-scented candles from Yankee Candle are delicious! It leaves a faint scent of whatever it's supposed to smell in the room, so pleasant and wonderful. The large jars of 22 oz - that's more than 600 grams! - last forever with a burning time of 110-150 hours, and any size would make such a great gift!

I'm also awaiting a shipment of products from eyeslipsface, or e.l.f., which our beloved customs has decided to.. well, sit on. Apparently I need some extra paperwork from e.l.f. in the UK to get customs to release my package. Funny enough, no one else has heard of this nonsense before it happened to me now. I'm just hoping I'll get the extra paperwork before the 16th, which is the date when customs will return it to the UK. I would really like to receive my products, and I'm rather anxious to try out these new items from e.l.f. as well. Smile

Please, please Mr. Postman!
Bring me some goodies soon, will you?

Posted by Shamini on November 11, 2009 – 8:19 PM

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