Goodbye twenties!

On Friday the 7th I turned 30, and I seriously don't understand why people keep whining about turning 30. It didn't feel any different than the other birthdays, and I'm not feeling depressed or anything. My Friday started with a text message from André just past midnight, who was the very first to congratulate me. Since it has become somewhat of a tradition to send an e-mail to Nattønsket (a Norwegian radio program) on NRK P1, I decided to try again this year and once again I got my message read and my song played. "Brown Eyed Girl" with Van Morrison. My song. I counted 46 messages on Facebook, all sent to congratulate me, and I got a few text messages and phone calls as well. Thank you all for the sweet comments, and all the attention! I really appreciate it, and I love you all for thinking about me. As I've already bragged about, I got my beloved Mac Pro from Øyvind. My mom and dad sent me a decent amount of money, and my oldest sister and her family sent me a very nice black lantern, and two big candles to put inside the lantern.

I had this strange feeling all Thursday, thinking that my mom would mysteriously appear to visit me on my birthday, but as I spoke to her on the phone earlier that day I figured that my instincts was playing a trick on me. I could not quite shake the feeling though. I knew she had texted Øyvind about something he refused to share with me, but I have no clue to what she wanted. Maybe she wanted him to get me something special for my birthday? Friday came, and we spent most of the day outside. The plan was originally to go out for dinner some time during the evening, but the weather was extraordinary nice and warm, so we ended up just walking around in town after school, having a burger and an ice cream at McDonalds, watching all the people everywhere. I knew that we would start lessons about Adobe Illustrator on Monday, so I wanted to go look at some pen tablets at Eplehuset. It's impossible to draw anything with a mouse, at least to me, and a pen tablet would be perfect. I found a gorgeous medium sized Wacom Intuos4 Pen Tablet, which turned out to be the top model from Wacom. Eplehuset even had a 20% discount on it in their new store! I feel like the biggest Apple-geek ever right now, but I'm really glad that there is accessories for my Mac that will make my days at school a lot easier. Anyway! It's no secret that I absolutely love sitting outside watching people passing by whenever the sun is out, so we went to Bær og Bar for a cold beer. Meanwhile mysterious things was going on without my knowledge! Turned out that my mom actually had decided to surprise me with a visit since it was my birthday and all, and that my gut was correct the whole time! When we got home there was a suitcase in the hallway, and it looked strangely familiar. But still no mom. Suddenly the doorbell rang, a very familiar voice said: "Flower delivery!", and there she was! Grin

Thank you mom, for thinking of me and for taking the time to visit us!

Posted by Shamini on August 9, 2009 – 7:51 PM

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  1. Perfect birthday, then! I think I’ll freak out SO much when I hit 30. I mean, I had a breakdown when turning 20 Razz “I’m not a baby anymoooore, ueeee”

  2. FIRST! heheh I just had to Wink

  3. åh så koseligSmile Det ble nok en fin bursdag på deg..Er artig med slike overraskelserSmile Kos og klem*smask*

  4. Maria:
    I didn’t feel any different, still don’t, so I don’t think there’s any use in breaking down. And I still look like I’m in my early twenties, so who cares? Wink

    CUTEST! Grin

    Det var en avslappende, rolig dag med strålende vær. Jeg kunne ærlig talt ikke bedt om noe mer enn det. Kjempedeilig! Dessuten ble det jo ekstra kos når mamma dukket opp. Smile

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