Good ol’ times!

The time has just passed midnight, and my eyes are hurting. I'm tired from too little sleep last night, and I've been out most of the day. This morning I met Susanne, a good friend from "the good ol' days", once my best friend in the whole wide world. Unfortunately one grows up, and it's not nearly as easy to stay in touch as it once was. It was good seeing her again, and I hope we'll meet again soon. After having shared both coffee and gossip we walked together to meet Ragnhild, another old friend from high school, and talked a little bit before it was time to go home. The weather was great, a little cloudy with partial sun, and a decent temperature for a change! When we arrived home I got a nice surprise, the mailbox was filled - literally stuffed - with packages just for me. Did I mention my love for mail? Unfortunately the one package I was really waiting for, and hoped would arrive today, didn't show up and I hope to God it's not lost. After fetching the mail we decided to go to Solsiden for some food, and sat down outside for a long time just eating and relaxing. Then we went for groceries, and walked into Susanne again, this time accompanied by Anette. You see, Trondheim is overflowing with people from Steigen! Anyway, it all ended with us four walking back to the apartment. I mean, we couldn't say goodbye without showing off our gorgeous flat? After saying goodbye to the girls I've been sitting here, just enjoying my Mac.

Some time past 6 o'clock Øyvinds parents arrived to stay with us for a few days. I really like them, so I'm glad they finally decided to take the long and tiresome road trip up north to see us. We haven't done much yet, as we're all tired, but we enjoyed some delicious barbecued food a while ago. I've managed to get completely hooked on spareribs, and I don't know what I'll do when summer's over, and it's time to cover up the barbecue grill. I'm seriously going to starve to death during winter! Oh well, I'm completely exhausted and on my way to bed. Let's cross all things possible for the "lost" package to show up tomorrow? Please? That would make me one of the happiest people alive, I swear. Razz

Posted by Shamini on July 30, 2009 – 1:03 AM

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