I'm a person with a head filled with questions at all times. I'm curious, and sometimes kinda nosy, and I crave the satisfactory feeling of knowing why. I'm also a faithful reader of many a blog out there, and every now and then I see/read/hear things that make me wonder. Questions just keep popping up inside my head. I mean, if you label yourself a "beauty blogger" you're automatically a target for nasty and unpleasant comments. I don't even think that's necessary to mention. There will always be people out there in need of expressing their deep and suppressed envy towards all of you. People are envious, it's simply part of the human nature.

First question:
Why do you feel the need to delete these comments? I understand that it's unpleasant and harsh, but wouldn't it be better to leave them there just to state the fact that YOU are able to raise yourself above it, that you really don't care?

Second question:
Why on Earth do you promote these commentators? It must be like fuel to their bonfires whenever you care to mention them, and their stupid comments. That's how they work, and that's how YOU help keeping them alive. A wise person once said: "All PR is good PR".

Third question:
No matter how stupid a comment may seem to you, no matter how rude and unnecessary it may very well be, don't everyone have the same right to state their opinion? If someone wanted to comment on one of my posts, just to call me "ugly" or whatever else, well.. so be it? I'm sure we've all called someone "ugly" or "stupid" one or two times over the years? What makes YOU so much better than the commentator?

The one thing I do know is that once you've exposed yourself on the Internet with a blog, or anything like a blog for that matter, you've opened up for letting other people speak their mind in the one way possible: by commenting. If you can't handle the bad comments, no matter if you're a "beauty blogger" or something completely different, then maybe you should reconsider the way you choose to express yourself. And before anyone asks, this post is not written with someone specific in mind, I just wanna know what all the whining is about.

Please, enlighten me?

Posted by Shamini on July 26, 2009 – 1:39 AM

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  1. I’m not a beauty blogger, but I felt I had to share my opinion. Here’s what I think:

    1: Maybe not all people can handle unpleasant comments. It could be bad for promoting their brand, or they’re not emotionally equipped at the moment to actually respond in a good way, or it could be as simple as – it’s the easiest way to deal with it. But I’m actually able to see both sides here: the commenters’ and the bloggers’. I guess, all I can really say about the whole mess is – do what works best. Heck I’m not about to preach blogging / commenting do’s and dont’s here ;p

    2: Well. I can’t relate with this, so I’ll have to skip.

    3. Yeah, I think everyone has a right to state their opinion too. But it probably just goes down to the basics – that there will be touchy people, and people who aren’t afraid of compromising their image in public. That’s what’s going to separate the bloggers who’ll last long and those who’ll find it hard dealing with all that frankness and not-very-nice-ness.

    But, meh. Let’s just hope they’ll get over themselves ;p

  2. So sorry Jennifer, but your comment was caught by my spam filter. Thank you for sharing your opinion, and I think it was a very good answer as well. I’m just sick of bloggers “burning” each other by posting crap, making YT-videos, or complaining in one way or another – like there’s some kinda blog war going on. Personally I remember that kind of behavior from Junior High! Anyway, I agree with you. Let’s hope it’ll pass soon enough.

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