27 dresses, or.. at least 1

Rare Vanessa Ruffle PipeNow I just spent a small amount of money again, but this time I kinda had to. We've been invited to a wedding in the beginning of September, and the dress code excludes pretty much all my clothing since most of it's either black, white, or possibly some shade of red. Why? Because I like the idea of using a piece of clothing more than once, just by changing it up a little with different accessories. Black and white can also be paired with pretty much everything, which makes it even easier to wear with colorful details. Anyway, I was in need of a decent looking dress, and I'm not the kind of girl who enjoys spending thousands on expensive clothing, or shoes for that matter. I'd much rather spend them on technological thingamabobs, or even makeup. After a surprisingly short hunt I actually found the perfect dress, and it's a gorgeous deep blue ruffle dress from Rare Fashion. According to their website it's part of an exclusive collection by The Saturdays. What do I know, I've never heard of the group.

Luckily I have the shoes to match, stockings that will fit perfectly, and my guess is that M·A·C Deep Truth and possibly Carbon to some extent will look absolutely stunning together with this dress. It cost me 549,- NOK plus shipping, and it didn't make me depressive like shopping in general has a tendency to do nowadays. At least now I have something to wear at the wedding!

Photo © Rare Fashion

Posted by Shamini on July 19, 2009 – 4:47 PM

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  1. That’s so cute, can’t wait to see you in it Smile. Unfortunately, the shop didn’t have anything I would wear in a wedding, so I guess I have to look a little longer. Smile

  2. At first I thought it was a little 80s-ish, but when I pictured myself in it convinced me. I don’t have a single piece of blue clothing, apart from jeans and one t-shirt, and when I instantly saw the complete look in my head it was a must-have. It was a bonus that Øyvind also liked it a lot, and that it wasn’t too expensive. I do agree with you though, I didn’t like anything else there. I’m glad we’ll all be there! Smile

  3. Wow, that dress is stunning! I’m sure it’ll look even more stunning when you’re inside it^^ *off for some roaming thru rare fashion*

  4. Aaaw, you’re so sweet! Grin

  5. What is MAC Deep Truth btw? Smile

  6. MAC Deep Truth is a gorgeous deep blue color eyeshadow, it looks a lot as the color of the dress. The official description is: “Very rich truthful dark blue“, and I think it’s absolutely stunning.

  7. Looks good Smile.

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