Going forward, or backwards in time?

It's known to most that Trondheim is a city where both paving stone and cobblestone have been used with great enthusiasm when built, and even though it might look nice to some, it's a serious pain-in-the-ass to anyone on wheels. Cobblestone is horrible to force when you're in a car or on the bus, and it's even worse if you have a bike or a pram, not to mention a rolling walker or a wheelchair! Of course, Trondheim is an old city with old wooden buildings and all, so the cobblestone is a vital part of the scenery, but at what price? I can tell you right now, the only way to get pass it is to move at the speed of a snail to avoid any injury.

Anyway, I wasn't going to rant about Trondheim as a city. See, the thing is that just recently the Norwegian chain of restaurants Egon opened up another branch at Solsiden. I'm personally not a very big fan but I have to try out everything new, and this was no exception. The verdict? Absolutely worth a visit! The food is great, the staff is really nice and polite, and you get a decent amount of food as well. They also have a terrace for outdoor service, but as a wheelchair user it's only accessible from inside the restaurant, due to a set of stairs outside. Recently I discovered that they had actually started building a platform for easy access from outside, and I was impressed! OK, so a bill of anti-discriminating was passed this January, but I haven't seen too many care about that just yet. Today we walked passed the half finished ramp, and what did I see? They had covered it with cobblestone! Needless to say, I was shocked and rather speechless. Who on Earth decides to cover a ramp with cobblestone?

Egon Solsiden

You don't believe me? See for yourself. And yes, I completely understand that most people wouldn't think twice about something like this, but heck.. why not take few minutes to actually ask someone who's going to use the ramp? Cobblestone is possibly the worst material they could have chosen, and I seriously doubt that I will be one of their most frequent users. We're in 2009, and I have a really hard time understanding the meaning of making it even more difficult to wander, or even roll about town for people like myself.

Hooray for the new bill of anti-discrimination that was passed this January!

Photo © Øyvind H. '09

Posted by Shamini on July 14, 2009 – 9:28 PM

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  1. I’m lost for words! Although I do find this incredibly funny Grin Not on your behalf, of course, this really is a bad decision from whoever decided this was a good thing to do… But the irony! It’s incredible!

  2. I’ll tell you who builds a ramp with cobblestone. People that have never tried rolling over it before… So I think it’s great that you are shining a light on this problem, and hope the next restaurant that builds a ramp read this blogg before they do Smile

  3. I’ve never given this a thought, and been an advocate for cobblestones everywhere – almost into my own private bathroom Razz. But this is a little wake up call. Thanks for talking sense to the senseless.

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