Barbecuing in the sun

The reason why my diary has been quiet for some time now is not that I've died or anything. I've been sick, and when I get sick.. well, I get sick. It really sucks having a non-functional immune system, and naturally I had to go and get sick when summer finally reached us. Last Tuesday I woke up to a scorching sun, and discovered that my throat was starting to act up. From there it went onto a high fever, heavy breathing, coughing and a terrible state all-in-all. It's been a week now, and I'm still sick. Feeling a lot better though, but still sick. And I'm thinking that I'm going to get well the moment the sun decides to move on, bringing us a taste of the upcoming Autumn.

Since I'm starting to feel like living is a good thing again, we decided to buy ourselves a grill today. It's not allowed to barbecue on charcoal here, so we had to buy a new one, and we went for a Weber Q 220 gas grill. It's a damn shame, not having had a single barbecue in this incredible weather, but it's really not fun to lack the ability to taste the food you're eating. Especially not when it's great food like barbecue! So as we speak Øyvind is outside on our porch, barbecuing lamb chops, some pork, sausages and vegetables like corn and onions for the very first time in our new apartment. It feel so good, and we haven't questioned our buy one single time since we moved in - it's just the perfect place indeed.

Life is good, and whenever I get well it'll be even better! Grin

Posted by Shamini on July 2, 2009 – 9:37 PM

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  1. Gratulere med ny grill… Fortsatt god bedring Smile

  2. And when I visit you guys, life will be the Best! Grin

  3. André:
    Tusen takk! Smile

    I can’t wait, I’m so happy to see you again. Smile

  4. Gooooooooooood bedring *klemme*

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