Third time’s a charm!

During the last three weeks we've tried to buy ourselves a TV no more than three times. Yes, three times. Since we both love watching movies, and own a DVD collection with more than 400 original DVDs, we decided to get a Plasma screen. And since the apartment we rented before moving here had a 50" TV, we also decided that there was no way that we could settle for a smaller one. So, that's how we came to the conclusion to adopt a brand new and very shiny Samsung PS50B655 TV, and I'm quite sure it's needless to say that I'm in love!

Now I'm sure you're wondering why on earth we needed three tries to buy a TV? Well, to make a long story short(er).. the first one was bought from Elkjøp at a "discount" as it had been hanging in the store for some time. The whole purchase was kinda on impulse, but we were happy to have found such a nice TV. A few days later the TV was delivered, and as it turned out.. it had that famous "burn-in". We sure as hell didn't want our brand new TV to have nasty burns, so we returned it and got our money back. Later on we also discovered that the discount was a big joke, as the very same TV could be obtained elsewhere for a considerable less amount of money. The second time around we decided to get our TV from Pixmania. Delivery was supposed to take 4-7 days from France. Needless to say, it went straight to hell - and more than a week after set delivery date the TV finally arrived, seriously banged up. This time we didn't even sign for it, and it went straight back to Pixmania. Since it had taken so long, and we had to get another TV anyway, we decided to cancel the purchase, and try to find a TV somewhere closer. The third and last time we did as the commercial tells us, we checked NetonNet before ordering, and finally we found our precious TV - and even at a decent price! Only two days after ordering it arrived in Trondheim, and thanks to a couple of friends of ours it's already safely mounted on the wall.

As I said, I love it!

Posted by Shamini on June 26, 2009 – 9:21 PM

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  1. Sweet Smile Ikke spes fan av plasma, rett og slett pga. burn-in, men de er snacksy da Smile

    Jeg tror dog ikke stuen vår hadde hatt så veldig godt av en større skjerm enn den vi har – 40″ holder egentlig lenge Smile

    Så var det bare å finne seg en decent DVD-spiller da…

    (og, jeg innså nettopp at jeg kommenterer på norsk… gadd ikke skrive om igjen Smile )

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  2. Burn-in is more or less history with todays plasmas and techniques to avoid it (like when the picture moves a pixel or two once in a while) unless you’re watching only CNN, only 4:3 programs with black bars on the sides, or let the TV stay on with high contrast and a stationary picture through the whole night many times, like Elkjøp (Canal Digital logo all over the screen!) Also, the TV channels logos are better and lower in contrast these days than earlier. And by all means, avoid “Torch mode” settings; if you really want to, or have a really skewed opinion about how a good picture should be, I guess you can destroy any TV.

    I like our TV, when we finally managed to get one home in one fully functioning piece Grin

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