Three shipments from the US!

MAC HaulJune 8th, 2009

Posted by Shamini on June 18, 2009 – 12:09 AM

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  1. Have you btw tried the Mineral Skinfinish powder from MAC? Bought it when I went to London, and I’m _so_ pleased with it – works well without any foundation, and makes my make-up perfect when I go for complete make-up.


  2. It depends on which one you’re referring to? Does it have a name? The “marbleized” one at the top of the picture is a Mineralized Skinfinish, and the name is “Refined”. I have not tried that one yet, but I have tried others, and I adore them. I also have a Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus, and I totally agree with you if that’s the one you mean! Smile

  3. I mean the one you mention last, yes. Smile

  4. *yoink* *grins*

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  5. Hmm… Is this the time when I point out that you should have moved to Bergen, since MAC is opening a store here (might already have opened, not too sure about the date…) Smile

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  6. PoPSiCLe:
    You can always tell me, but I don’t think there’s any need to rub it in! Wink M·A·C is supposed to come to the five biggest cities in the country (Oslo, Stavanger and now Bergen), and I’m guessing Trondheim will be one of them. No one seems to know when though. Apart from that, there’s always the fact that M·A·C is a lot cheaper in the US than it is here, so I think I’ll be getting my M·A·C from abroad anyway. Wink
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  7. ææ!!!! heldiggrisen!!!!!

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