English versus Norwegian

So, I find it kinda boring that I don't have much to blog about since I stopped blogging about makeup, officially I mean, so I decided to do another one - and this time in English. I therefore apologize to all of you who would have preferred this post in Norwegian, but I want everything makeup related to be accessible to all my readers. Maybe I should just start blogging in English as I originally did? If I had bothered I would have downloaded a plugin to show polls, and then given you all a chance to vote over the preferred language, but.. I'm kinda lazy, and I enjoy English so much more anyway.

Would YOU be sad if I started blogging in English instead of Norwegian?

Posted by Shamini on June 16, 2009 – 8:37 PM

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  1. I wouldn’t be sad at all Grin I can handle both languages quite well, if I must say so myself Razz

    Marias siste bloginnlegg: Enkelte ting trumfer alt

  2. Meh… I wouldn’t be sad either. If you have english readers, this is a much better way of doing it since Babelfish has baaaaad grammar.

    Lindas siste bloginnlegg: Det går til helvete

  3. Maria:
    Great! So do I, as I was raised with both languages, but I get rusty when I don’t use it..

    I don’t think I have any English readers just yet, but at least now I can! Or.. that is if I continue to post in English. Razz

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