Welcome to the world, Victoria!

We were supposed to go to Innhavet yesterday, but an old friend of my mom came to visit, and when he left it was too late, since it's an hour drive from here. Well, at least I got all my DVD's back, and that's good! Talked to Roger tonight, seems like he's going to visit me soon. That's great, have known him online since I was 14-15 years old - that's a long time ago, about time to meet?

I've tried to write some more to my story, but it just stopped. I might publish it on my site when it's done, if it's not too personal. Maybe I'll re-write it a little. A friend of mine read it, and she said she liked it, that she could picture the storyline. The story is part truth, and part fiction, and I kinda like it myself - we'll see how it turns out. I have never written much, and it's not what I do best in life.

So.. what else? Played the casino, and won 890 Euros - which is approximately 7500 NOK. That was fun! Although, I played at my mom's account, so it's her money. If I can learn how to do this, then I can win a little, and buy some stuff - like the laptop I want sooo bad, and the digital camera I've been drooling over for a year now. A new bed! Oh, there's so many things I'd like now. Most of all, I'd like to go see Gunnar. Nearly haven't talked to him at all for a long while, and I'm going crazy here. I miss him so much. Almost too much, and I fear the road I'm on - what I'm headed for. Oh well, it's time for starting the countdown until July, approximately the 6th, when we'll finally meet.

And congratulations to Tom-Anton and Stine, with their newborn and absolutely beautiful babygirl! Happy birthday, Victoria! (and yay me, I'm an 'aunt' again! - thanks, Tonton..)

Posted by Shamini on June 13, 2004 – 4:33 PM

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