So, it looks like I'm going to celebrate my 25th birthday after all, and I've put an idea into work. I've decided to create a party with people from the internet, as well as old friends. I've made a separate site with information, so if you consider yourself a friend of mine, please visit the site - and fill out the form, if you'd like to join us! I'm not sure if anyone will come, but I've found a place to hire, where we can party - and where people can sleep too. It'll be fun anyway - even if it turns out that we'll only be a few people.

Apart from this, nothing much is happening. Talked to Tom-Anton, and Stine had been admitted to the hospital today. They're expecting that she'll give birth during this weekend - and I'm excited! I never thought that Tom-Anton would become a father before I became a mother. hehe, nothing surprises me anymore, that's for sure! I hope everything turns out good, and that they'll have a sweet and healthy baby!

Posted by Shamini on June 11, 2004 – 6:36 PM

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