I'm sorry to say that I'm tired today also.. I was up till 04:30 AM last night, and I was drinking my usual Bacardi Black Label. Unfortunately, I forgot that I hadn't been eating much, and so I became heavily drunk rather quick. So.. don't remember much from that, and I managed to wake at 08:30 AM - and I was totally awake too. Half an hour later I was up, and I actually had a great day together with Therese, my new personal assistant. She's really cool, and I like her a lot already! I imagine that we'll have great fun together.

Tomorrow we'll drive to Innhavet, to do some shopping. I'm going to meet maggie_ from IRC again too - looking forward to that. Guess we'll eat something at the hotel too, it'll be nice with a trip.

Haven't talked much with Gunnar lately, and I miss him a lot. It's not so fun, but I guess he'll "come around" soon enough.

Posted by Shamini on June 5, 2004 – 12:53 AM

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