Being introduced to some new music

Another weekend is here, and the weather seems to be OK. No more summer, like we had a couple of weeks ago, but still - at least it's not snowing like in other parts of the country. I was up until 6 AM last night, so I'm kinda tired. Gunnar promised to call and wake me up, but he didn't know what time it was - so I called him instead. Talked to him for over an hour last night, and it was gooood! I can't get over his voice, it's so.. unbelievable. He was feeling sick, and stupid me sent him an SMS to find out where he was - this was around 23:00 PM and we were supposed to meet on the net around 19:30 PM - so, of course I sent an SMS.. (actually, it was my third one.) Then my phone rang, and it was him. -> Sorry for waking you up, baby. It was nice hearing his voice again, even though I really enjoy watching him on cam. I wish we could do both!

Haven't written anything about this yet, but a lot of shit is happening in my life too. Else, for instance, my sister, she's not talking to me anymore. I really don't know what the hell happened, apart from her growing tired of the job, and making a complete scene the day she left us for the last time. She acted like a child, and threw a lot of crap at my mom. I also found out that she had gone to her employer, complaining about my animals, telling them things that was not true - and for that I can't forgive her. Still, she's my sister - but she's chosen to act like a child, so it's fine my me. She has said that she's gonna sell her house here too, and move back to Sweden. Oh well, I don't care - she won't disappear of the face of the earth, and I've gone through enough shit these last couple of years to take anymore of it voluntarily. I just won't.

Elin was here last night, and we made another batch of candy.
Blue; Bubblegum, Yellow; Althea, Red; Coca Cola and Brown; Baileys.

Thanks to Ståle, for introducing me to Mortiis' music. Thanks to Stian for introducing me to Mourning Beloveth, Moonsorrow and Green Carnation! Also a small thank you to CF, for letting me download samples - which led to this purchase.

Posted by Shamini on May 28, 2004 – 12:49 PM

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