Party went bad

Things turned a little ugly yesterday night.
I decided to drink 'a little', and so I did - the Bacardi Black Label looked so damn good, as always. Well, I only had two glasses, though I discovered this morning that those two glasses was approximately half a bottle. And half a bottle, well, that's more than enough to get me drunk! No wonder I became dizzy... unable to write a single sentence without errors.. OMG! At least I had a good time, and now I'm just struggling to decide whether or not I should eat something.

I've been thinking about my chinchillas too, and I think I want to sell a lot of them - or at least exchange a lot of them. I've decided to concentrate on Brown, Black and White (clean colours and combinations). So I'm going to make a list later on today. We'll see what happens then.

Posted by Shamini on May 16, 2004 – 2:44 PM

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