Re-designing my websites

So, finally I've taken myself by the neck, and finished a new and quite nice layout for this website. What do you think? It's good-looking, yes? Unfortunately it turned blue once again, but hey! Shoot me, I love this colour. I also re-designed the chinchilla website, and now you can clearly see who designed both of them, which I think is neat. I'm also very happy with that page, which can be seen if you click on the link on the right. I keep the original site, but re-did the heading, and three of the sub titles on the menu. I really like it, I really like them both.

Apart from that I don't think much has happened.
I got an SMS from Gunnar last night, telling me that his vacation starts at week 27, that will be from June 28., and that he's planning a trip to come see me. I'm really looking forward to that, as we going along great! We always have things to talk about, and we always have fun together, and enjoy eachothers company to the max. We'll see, I'm sure it'll be fun!

Posted by Shamini on May 2, 2004 – 6:14 PM

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