Dream of moving away from Steigen

Once again I'm in bed.
"Breathe" is playing on my stereo.
And I'm happy.

For quite some years now I've been thinking and dreaming about moving my ass from Steigen, to a more urban place, that can offer me a social life, and the possibility of hanging out with friends. And I have a few options actually. I'm not saying that it's something that will happen tomorrow, or in the absolute near future - but I have decided that this is something I will go through with. And the first phase starts now. My options of location so far is "Oslo" (around that area), "Stockholm" (around that area) and USA. Naturally I have to decide on one of the, but I'm going to check out as much as possible on each location first. There are many important factors to consider, in addition to the house/apartment, assistants and the money - but I'm leaning towards Sweden for the moment. I've talked to Linda about it, and it's great to have her friendship, help and support. I've got tons of friends in Oslo, and very few in Sweden, but still... it doesn't take more than about 4-5 hours by speed train, to travel between the two cities. And living here, I'm used to such distance, and more.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on the matter!

Posted by Shamini on March 15, 2004 – 12:57 AM

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