Pancakes, cream and waffles!

Have been out today, visiting my uncle Jørgen in Helnessund. We went quite early this morning, and drove all the way out there. It was a very nice house, I've never been there before actually, and their dog Max is just the cutest dog ever! He's so well behaved, and he knows a lot of words, that makes him react differently - like "shower", when he hears that word he falls to the floor. Else (Jørgen's wife, my aunt) had made this delicious "cake" consisting of pancakes and cream mixed with wild raspberries. Yummy! After that, we drove to Else's (my sister) house, and make waffles for dinner - quite some dinner, huh? Waffles with vanilla sauce and strawberry jam... A little later, Katie got sick, and threw up - so we had to tease her about that! "The Puke Princess", she's named from now on.

Chinchilla update:
Silver Streak's Lavender Lily saw the light of day too - finally. I have been waiting for her for about 3 months now, and tonight she finally arrived. She's a TOV Violet female, of 54 grams. She's a cutie, and I'll have pictures posted tomorrow, I hope.

Oh well, I'm going to bed, and I'll try to finish something I started yesterday.

Posted by Shamini on March 12, 2004 – 12:53 AM

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