Poet to be?

Today I've just been stuck at home all day. I'm having problems with my neck again, so I called to get a new appointment, and I've got one next wednesday - I pray that I remember. I'm sick and tired of these headaches now.. Oh, Egil was back, and so I talked a little with him. Showed him my poem, and he helped me fix it a little. He's my own personal poetry expert - thanks best friend! It's true, it looked a lot better now, even if I put the line in grey. Though the poem was supposed to end with "... I'm all alone".

I finally got to try the new Solo! Raspberry & Rhubarb was boring. Tasted only like raspberry juice. Strawberry & Mango was quite good. A little sweet, and tasted mostly strawberry. Lemon & Melon is still up for testing. I'll get back to the results!

Posted by Shamini on March 9, 2004 – 11:35 PM

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