More gifts from the US

So, what happened today?
Went to my sister, to see Kim and Katie again. There's a lot of noise, and a lot of mess when so many people gather at the same place at once - still, it's fun! They brought me gift, and one thing was this GREAT BIG box with "Goldfish - WITH colours and cheddar flavour". It was so cool! I'll have to check how much it weighs, just for fun. I also got some peach tea, that I unfortunately cannot drink (it contains hibiscus, makes my head ache terribly).. a heavenly peach smelling set of bubble bath and body lotion.. peanut butter.. and I had 10 Starbursts! Oh, and M&Ms. - They also brought Oreos, but I really don't like them, and I guess they were meant for my dad anyway. I've got Goldfish, na-na-na-nana-na!

Now I'm tired, and I'm going to bed again.
I wonder if I can find a notepad and a pen, and bring with me to bed?
I had this really good poem going on last night, but it was all gone when I woke up..


Posted by Shamini on March 7, 2004 – 1:16 AM

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