Chinchilla Exhibition, Fall 2003

Now I'm listening to one of my favourite songs: " The End of this Chapter " with Sonata Arctica . The lyrics are horrible really, but it always makes me smile! Bringing back the good mood, no matter what mood I'm in - it's a great song!

"While you are sleeping, I steal your earring
I light you one candle, this anger I handle
They said I won't find you, but now I'm beside you
I'm not all that stabile, you should know by now!"

Now the Fall Exhibition is approaching by the speed of lightning. I haven't even decided which animals to show, and it's time to sign up already.. The 'problem' is that I have quite a few pregnant females, and I don't want to split the couples just for the exhibition - it's too much work to get them back together again afterwards, with fighting and such, and it's not worth it. So I guess I'll be showing Silver Streak's Emira (White Mosaic) and her male Lundängen's Balzac (Standard Grey). In additon to these two, I'll show Silver Streak's Milovon (TOV Tan), Silver Streak's Mystique (White Mosaic Ebony) and maybe Silver Streak's Shadow (TOV Ebony). I've been thinking about Tellus Olvon , but he's not in great condition, so I'll leave him at home.

I'm looking forward to seeing my friends again, and I really hope that Egil will meet me there! I've even fixed him a birthday present, since he's turning 20 on the 23rd this month! I hope he'll like it.. I think he will!

Posted by Shamini on October 4, 2003 – 10:15 PM

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