Difficult to decide..

OK, so I wanted to write a little about what happened yesterday;
On July 1st, I accepted some chinchillas from to women in Bodø. They were unable to keep them and care for them anymore, and wanted to know if I could take them. Well, I figured I could take them, and so I got 2 grown males, 1 grown female and 5 babies. One of the babies died in a couple of days, either from stress or from being too tiny from the start. I was shocked when I saw this animals, as they were all skinny and unhealthy looking. The grown ones had humps on their backs, and they looked sick to me. I decided to keep them away from my animals, to avoid any kind of disease spreading from these unknown animals, onto mine. From what I know today, I don't think they carried anything contagious, but it's better to be safe then sorry. Anyway - the vet stopped here yesterday afternoon to drop of some medicine for the cat, and I took the chance to ask him about these animals. If he could look at them, and tell me what he thought about their condition. Well, he agreed to come up and have a look - he wanted to examine my own conditions for my breeding animals too - and he was shocked to see these 3 animals in this lousy condition. I showed him my animals, and I told him what I thought; that they had been fed with the wrong kind of food, and way to little food too. He agreed with me, and said that there were nothing but skin and bones on them. On my animals he felt the fur, and the examined the pysichal condition of them, telling me that he could feel a lot of muscles. And these 3 animals didn't have anything! I understood that I had to take a difficult decision, and I asked him if he has what he needed to sedate them, and put them to sleep - and he had. So, he gave them an injection each, and 2 minutes later they fell asleep..... It wasn't a fun and easy decision, but it had to be done for the animals sake, and I have to think about them first. I've kept their kits, 4 females, and I hope that someone can take them soon. They have grown up here, and I know they've had the correct feed and attention, and they look healthy too. It would make me very happy to know that they'd end up in good homes, and that they'll live to be great pets for someone.

If you're interested - please contact me!

Posted by Shamini on October 1, 2003 – 5:28 PM

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