I always got a million things to write about, until I open my diary - then my mind goes blank, and I mean totally blank! It's irritating. Oh, I got scared yesterday, as I watched the news and heard that Microsoft was going to close down MSN - or that's what they said. A friend of mine e-mailed this guy in a chief-position in TV2, and the confirmed that it was only the chatrooms that were being closed! Thank heavens, I've got a lot of friends I talk to on MSN, whom aren't using other chats - it would be a disaster to be unable to reach them anymore.

What else?
Oh, I've "met" this incredible cute guy. I talked to him on MSN, and he turned on his webcam for me. I was stunned - he's one of the most handsome guys I've ever seen, IRL.

I'm counting the days until I'm going to the exhibition in Fetsund. I've talked to Egil, and I'm hoping he'll be able to meet me there, it would be great to see him in person. His birthday is on the 23rd, so he wouldn't promise anything - but I'm still hoping. I haven't decided what animals to bring, since I suspect that most of the females are expecting litters, and that makes it too risky to pull the males out of the cages where they belong - they risk being beat up when they return, and I don't have enough cages for that.

Now I've been eating, and watching some TV. I'm SO looking forward until getting my new chinchillas! I've bought some different colours, and I've made sure that they have great genes, hoping to get top quality animals. It'll be incredible exciting to put the new couples together, but I'll have to wait for a while, since some of them are just kits. It'll be fun!

Oh, and I don't think that Emira is expecting, which means that I can show her! I just hope she's got a fair chance, Jon is showing a female, White Ebony, that's supposed to be very good-looking... Stine might also show her Ma Cherie, who's also a very good animal. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh? And thank you, lil0ne-, for opening my eyes to some new music! *smooch*

Posted by Shamini on September 25, 2003 – 5:38 PM

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