Strange cats!

I just had to post these pictures! My mom photographed these kittens, while they were sleeping, and they are so darling cute, I just had to post them here (and Linda has been nagging for an update too... Wink. Finally they've decided to start playing together, and Loke has realized that he's not a Lion, but a small and cute cat - and so he's stopped making snarling noises too. He wasn't especially dangerous, but he seemed to think so. It resulted in Dordi "beating him" up, and after a few days he stopped! A few days she actually catched a bird, and plucked all the feathers of its chest and left it on the porch - I guess she tried to tell the kittens that dinner was served! Wink They didn't quite understand the business with the bird, but it showed that Dordi has some kind of motherly instinct, even though she's neutered, and never had kittens. Other than that, nothing much has happened.

I've booked my trip to Fetsund, to attend the Fall Exhibition, and I'm starting to get excited!

Posted by Shamini on September 23, 2003 – 10:30 PM

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