Stormy weather

I've been having a fun week now! I'm still having that damn cold, hoping to get well soon.. Anyway, I've become a member of www.spray.no, some sort of dating place, where you can meet new people, have a flirt or look for a potential date. I see that a lot of people are looking for lovers or/and dates, but I'll use this opportunity to meet some new people, maybe nearby. I've been a member for 2-3 days, and I've already 'met' a lot of people in Bodø I would like to meet. It's actually a good way to make new friends, and I hope I'll make some good connections - I've been asked on my first date too! *snicker* Maybe I'll meet him some time I'm in Bodø? He seems nice, who knows.

There's been a storm going on today, I thought the house would take off this morning! My bed was jumping on the floor, and my cabinet was rattling like crazy... I really don't like this kinda weather. I saw the waether forecast for tomorrow, and it seems like it'll be better, so I'm hoping. Other than this I might just get my kitten tomorrow too! He has grown a bit, but he's still my little cutiepie. Shouldn't call him by such names, he might become a sissy... Oh, what the hell! He'll be cuddled, and loved... Smile

I've also booked tickets for my trip to Fetsund this time, and I think the meeting about the date was today - I really hope they chose my date, or else I can't go there, and I'll be in deep trouble. Let's just cross everything that's possible to cross, shall we?

Posted by Shamini on September 14, 2003 – 10:51 PM

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